Wrapping it Up

I grew up hearing my Mom tell me an amazing story about Letting go and Letting God. She was at a fork in the road with two young children and holding onto fears and an Illusion that she had control over her troubles. She drove to a grassy spot at point park and there at that beautiful place, she wrapped up all her problems and put them in a box. She tied up the box and right there on that grassy spot she handed them all to God! When she spoke of the moment, she told of the peace that came over her. She kept that peace up until to the day she died.  Although there were always times throughout her life more  things came her way and once more she would wrap things up and give them to God again and again. She gave him her greatest fears, concerns, hopes, desires, and dreams and let me say he took that neatly wrapped up box and ran with it because she let him! She received the peace because she accepted that there were things she couldn’t change but there were things she could and all those  things involved herself and her walk with her maker. Sometimes we think that if we just do this or that, things will change with other people! Well I haven’t found that to work at all, but I have found that if I change myself then the people around me change along with my own perspective which is amazing! 
So 9 years ago, I found myself in one of those spots and I had my friend drive me to that same park to find a grassy spot! I had two young children. I was divorced with a lapsed teaching certificate, and life was not going according to my plan! I was waiting for someone to save us all, and it was quite clear that wasn’t going to happen. So  That day 9 yeaRs ago was what I felt was the final straw. I knew at that moment  I had to give it to God and see where he would take me! I sat on the riverbank and wrapped it all up neatly just as I had heard my Mom describe the way she did it, and I gave our destiny, my troubles, my dreams, and all my apprehensions to God. 
Well friends, once I gave it to him I felt that peace and my mind was clear and more open to figure out what I could do to change my world. So I called a dear friend who had a store and he rest is history and a huge part of in that history is frolic. I have been more than blessed to own and operate such a great store, but what has been the biggest blessing is the people who have graced the place and my presence over the years. It saddens me to think that one day there may not be little stores like mine because its in little stores  and on shopping trips memories are made. Last I checked, I’ve never heard anyone say that they remember the fun time they had when they ordered a top from shopit.com. 
Now if I told u from them on out I gave it all to God, that would be a total fib, but  that was the beginning of me learning to trust him and to stop thinking my plan was the best blueprints around! If my plans had worked out, then my life would be nowhere near what it is today! So once again today, I was back at the river bottom at that exact grassy spot and I’m giving more to God! I’m not sure why it  is so hard to give it all to him considering he is God! It sounds so logical! It sounds so easy! Well anyone who tells you it is, apparently has never lived a life of pain and loss because it is really hard to give up the illusions of control!! I almost lost my business, but with Gods grace and my inventive mind I have turned it around through social media! Go figure! I cant find a good relationship to save my life! Just as soon as I think I’ve met someone, once again I’m disappointed! I’m far from perfect, but guess what I do have? I have perfect help, and that is God!  So today I am back at the spot and I’m wrapping up what’s left of the things I’ve held onto for far too long! I’m hoping I covered it all! I’m putting all my hopes, dreams, desires, wants, problems, and issues in a really big box! I am tying it up as tightly as I can and I’m giving all the rest of it to God! Some things are harder to let go of than others! For me it use to be people! Today I have seen the miracles that happen when I jump out of Gods way and let him have the people I love. So why in the world was it so hard to give him all my other stuff? Well that is still out for the jury, but I’m done officially with trying so hard! Remember the peace I said my mom had? Well I have it too, and I believe with all my heart that God has some grand plan for me! If you know me, then you know it’s got to be grand!! I’m going to keep giving and going and doing the right things for my kids and myself! I’m going to keep being grateful for he Gifts I have and who knows one of  these blogs one day may just be the happily ever after story we all want to have but until then I will just keep living happily and knowing I gave the box to God and it’s non refundable as long as I let him keep it!! I can ask you to help me grow my group and share my blogs if they have meaning to you! I have worked really  hard to build my little store and even harder to maintain relationships with my customers because I believe that’s why my little store has survived over the years.
I am Still learning how to do this online stuff so bear with me, and thank you for being a part of my world or my group!!! To know me is to know I love cuffs. My sweet talented friend Dena from Relique made me a cuff with Let Go Let God hammered! I wear it everyday as a reminder to keep on wrapping it up and handing it over!!! 

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  • Paula

    Tears flowing… Thank you for sharing Christy.

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