Women Wonderful and Fearless

For 9 years now, I have owned and operated a boutique called Frolic.  I can’t even begin to tell you the number of women, young, old, big, small, short, tall, weak, strong, confident, self defeating, fearless, fearful, kind, rude, complimentary, or degrading who have graced my presence. Here is what I can tell you about all these women. Every one of them is beautiful and special in some sort of way, and few of them recognize it. I am right there among them. Why as women are we so critical of ourselves? I had a new customer come in on Tuesday and she sparked my thinking on the subject as she tried on clothing and each time she looked In the mirror she found something to degrade herself for! She proclaimed her arms looked like her grandmothers and there was too much skin hanging on them! She titled her butt as a shelf and repeatedly put down her entire body. There is one thing you know if you shop with me, I am going to be honest if the outfit looks good on you or not! I would rather miss a sale than send someone out in something they won’t end up wearing or it simply doesn’t flatter them. So I was honest with her and helped her Choose the best pieces, and I told her that I did not see her at all the way she saw herself! I saw a beautiful woman whose personality was on point. Right away, I told her that she was way too hard on herself that I thought she was awesome exactly as she was! She laughed and told me that she didn’t exercise nor did she like to eat healthy, Although she use to be a gym rat. We talked about how hard we as women are on ourselves and she said something I’ll never forget. It is going down as one of my favorite quotes ever! “I wish I was as fat as I use to think I was.”  It goes to show us that we are always wishing we were smaller or fitter or tighter or better.  I’m guilty as charged! I am way too critical
Of myself as well. Here is what I know.  I am marveled by most all the women I meet! We all have amazing qualities. I recently made a list of the the woman I want to be. No where on that list did I say skinny. I am trying to focus more on my value system and being the best me I can be, and I must stop criticizing myself! I am fearlessly and wonderfully made as I am just as you are! If I am not lifting myself up, how do I expect to be lifted up? It is my responsibility to accept myself exactly as I am, then others can do the same or they can not! It is their perogerative. This woman
Has a husband who loves and cherishes  her. That was obvious! I’m sure he sees her exactly the way I did that day! We need to stop being our own worst critics and embrace who and what we are! If there is something about myself I don’t like, then  I can either change it or embrace it. I must stop trying to be perfect! No one is perfect. But I do have perfect help in the man above to help me get exactly where I need to be! So ladies, love who you are! Love your curves or your droopy arms! Love your shelf butt and be the women you want to be! I am so blessed to have a slew of people in my corner who cheer me on! I recently watched a video by one of my all time favorites Will Smith, it was titled, my tribe is my vibe. So do me a favor today ladies, go to your tribe, and I mean your loving supportive tribe, and ask them to tell you what they think of you and guess what? That is exactly how you need to look at yourself. Believe the great things they say about you! I literally have so many people in my tribe who will tell me all these amazing things about myself and one person can hurt me or mislead me and that is what I dwell on! That is pure crazy!!! I don’t care if the boy you like just dumped you or you feel like he misled you! I don’t care if he fed you an bunch of lines that now make you doubt yourself! Don’t!!  Go talk to the people who really know and love you! Please don’t let anyone or anything hinder your thoughts about yourselves! Keep kicking butt and being the kind of woman you want to be! Those who matter will stay around and love you, those who don’t will most likely hurt you or change you in some way but they are just there to make you stronger and they do not matter! They were just in and out to teach you some sort of lesson! Learn it and keep moving forward ladies! No one can keep you down unless you let them! Be glad they have left because they are not meant to Be in your life.  Thanks to all the women and the few men in my tribe and all the amazing “frolicers” who continue to spark my days with their awesomeness. Life isn’t easy and in todays world it’s hard to be a woman with all the changes society has brought about but the good news is the man above hasn’t changed a bit. Luckily he doesn’t partake in social media and all the new technology craziness in the world! He has and will always remain the same! Go out today and sparkle the world with some Frolic fabulousness because ladies you have got it going on!!! Please do me a favor and if you follow me on social media post a picture below of some of your  tribe and tag them. Our tribes are some of the greatest blessings we will ever have! I included pictures of some of mine! 


  • Paula Leadford

    Beautifully said. If you dont mind, I’d love to share this. I am so guilty of all of this! Christy, I feel blessed to have met you. You have a beautiful heart and a way about you that genuinely makes me feel special whenever I see you. Thanks for building us up!

  • Dana Gray


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