When the Mess becomes the Message

I recently had a friend express to me that she was a mess. Now let me preface this with the sheer fact that in the past two years her world has been completely turned upside down. Now in my opinion, she is handling it like a boss!! She hasn’t put any crazy passive aggressive posts about it on Facebook or asked for unspoken prayer requests to spark questions. She hasn’t run all over her town expressing animosity for her ex husband. She has handled  the whole situation with grace and dignity. Her focus has been to do what was best  for her children and take on this co parenting thing like a champ! If anyone could or should be bitter, she fits the bill. When she expressed to me that she was a mess. I proclaimed that we are all a mess in one way or another. I thought about how messy all our worlds all can be! Lord knows, I’ve been a mess more than a time or two in my own life. I’ve had the  breath knocked out of me and the carpet pulled out from underneath me! I’ve had disappointments and things to happen that completely knocked me down. I have found that the only way through is through, but I can honestly say that every time my life seemed to be a mess of some sorts, the mess somehow becomes a message. Maybe the message has just been to stop forcing my will and trust God more. Maybe the message said it was time to move on. Maybe the message said to me, that my plans aren’t always the best! Maybe just maybe the message is that God has and wants more for me! So today I challenge you to embrace the messes we all find ourselves in because eventually that mess turns into a message. As we  just keep going  through the process, we will heal and start opening our eyes to all the wonder and magic that can and will happen in the aftermath of the mess. God will slowly and surely surprise you in the biggest and best ways and I have no doubt your message is going to be even better than anything you could ever imagine and today I can honestly say I’m grateful for every mess I’ve ever found myself in because they got me where I am today and guess what? I got the message!! 

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