Valentine Countdown

For someone who loves love, I haven't been a big fan of Valentine's Day for a while now. I use to have the attitude of, why show all that love on one day? Why not do it year round? As a fan of spontaneity, it always seemed to be too pressured and planned! Well, that is stupid on my part. I also believe we should celebrate Jesus year round, but I adore Christmas. 
So what makes one a "valentine grinch?" Well, I've decided it's a combination of wisdom and fear. My previous situations tell me not to get love happy, my history is not all that good! So just based on my own experience, I think I know how it will play out. Guess what? I don't!! I can't let my past define my future. I can't expect someone to break my heart before I ever even open it up. So, It's actually the fear that made me bitter to the holiday! I heard it said once," if someone can make me feel this good, then they can make me feel equally this bad!" I've experienced both, and I know it's true. So I think I had temporarily shut my heart down when it came to the possibility of true real love. Valentine's Day got the bad name because of my bad attitude. 
This year my college room mate and I are approaching valentines in a different way. We are headed on a girls trip in memory of her mother who died just a few days after her 49th birthday on February 13th. She seemed so much older until I begin to near her age. I have themed the trip Live Like You are Dying. This 14th I will be taking the day to celebrate life and love, to celebrate all the love I have in my awesome world from two beautiful kids, a great family, wonderful friends, and most of all a Loving God. I have the perfect outfits for the trip that  I picked out because when  you are in LA, you better be LA ready.  Im raising the roof for my chaotic sometimes crazy life!! I will most likely splurge on a Sprinkles cupcake or two and indulge myself in a fabulous meal! I might even spend the night dancing to some 80s music! The possibilities are endless. It's a known fact,  Love makes the world go round. Just because someone has broken your heart into tiny pieces doesn't mean love isn't out there for you. Just because you  don't have a boyfriend or a husband doesn't mean You have to sit this one out! Love surrounds you! Celebrate the love you have for yourself! If I can't enjoy a happy holiday with yours truly, how do I expect anyone else to? 

So my wisdom now tells me to stop thinking. And my heart tells me not to fear!! Just feel! My heart says to take this trip and Live each day to the fullest. The beating organ says to embrace all the love around me and celebrate it all and let myself actually be open for the things that may or may not enter my life. Stay tuned. It's going to be a great trip! 

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