Toot Your Own Horn!!

So yesterday one of the girls that attend my Body Attack class text me to tell me some exciting news about herself. She said, you always say "If I don't toot my own horn, how can I expect anyone else too? " There is no telling over the years what all
Has come out of my
Mouth through that mic. Good, bad, and possibly some crazy!! No doubt I can Make a hard workout pretty fun. Everyone should try at least one of my classes just to say you did. I am so blessed to get to teach with and to such an amazing group of people. We all inspire each other. Our gym may not have the best equipment or be a top grade facility but oh the people. The people make the place!!!
So I began to think about my quote. Now by all means no one likes someone to run around bragging about how much money they Make or how much better they are than you, but I feel it is sooo important we know what we do right and good and we realize what we have to offer. I think it's important we know when we accomplish big things.
Being confident and being cocky are two different attitudes. Today I chAllenge you to be confident. Toot your own horn. At some point today, Think about all the great things you have done. Think about your gifts and talents, and the gutsy things you have nailed or failed. Just be proud you tried.  Pat yourself on the back or grab yourself a gold star!!!
I marvel at so many of my friends, and I do my best to tell them. So not only do we need to toot our own horns, toot those around you. Sometimes we don't even realize we are good at something or that something about us really stands out. My mom always thought she had a crooked smile because She never got the braces she needed. But anyone who knew her would tell you her smile lit up the room. We are our own worst critics and that needs to change. Especially us women. I see it everyday. Girls come in and think they are fat when indeed they are rocking. Not all
Of us can look like the airbrushed or starved perfection in the latest catalog from Victoria's Secret. Beauty comes in all
Sizes. I see it everyday. So now I say to these girls, Look, I wouldn't say that out loud anymore. People will start to call you crazy as great as you look. I'm Guilty of it too. For some crazy reason I think I look best when I resemble a frail skeleton. It's warped. I know this. No doubt!!! I'm working on it!!
Over the past few years, I have learned how important it is to love myself wherever I am!! I've started tooting my own horn more but when I do it I actually believe it!!! We all are just doing life the best we can. Of course we make mistakes, but the good we do outnumbers the bad. So get out There today and toot some horns!! It will be music to everyone's ears!!!

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