To the Girl with the Broken Heart

Dear Sweet girl,
I know your heart is broken. I have no doubt you loved him, and I am certain he loved you back as best he could, but Love isn't always enough. So I will share with you a little of what I have learned about Loving and letting go. The key to this is not easy, but the good news is that it is very simple. I have one word for you today dear girl, and thAt word is acceptance. Go ahead and accept thAt you LOVE him. Go ahead and accept thAt your friends and family may never get it. They mAy think you are crazy to love him, but guess what? You are not crazy for loviNg anyone. Love is the greatest gift we can give or be given so just accept thAt you love him. Trying to stop loving someone can make you crazy but remAining in any kind of a relationship where someone isn't treating you the way you deserve to be treAted will make you crazier. You have a value system sweetheart, and sticking to it is essential to your true happiness. So Don’t go stAlking his social media looking at pictures of him with his latest date or his rebound girlfriend because that only causes you unnecessary suffering. The pain is inevitAble, but the suffering is optional and my friend that is your choice. You cAn listen to “that song” he sent you and cry through it or guess what? You can hit the forward arrow and plAy I will survive by Gloria Gaynor because I promise you will.
Its ok to Love him, but its time to Let him go. Its ok to think about him and cry those tears. Cry, send him the love, then accept that today just today you have to let him go. You can not do it hoping it will bring him back. You have to do if because you are going to LOVE yourself more. Its not even something you tell him. Its an action you take for your sanity. You are handing it over to a power far greater than yourself. A wise person once shared a powerful prayer with me. He prayed this when his wife left him. MAybe it will help you too. God, if we are meant to be together, bring us together. God if we are meant to be apart, keep us apart. And God if I am suppose to not know then I will not know until you are ready to show me what I need to see. That my dear is acceptance.
Sweet girl, God has someone picked out just for you! You never know whAt will happen when you truly let go. So its ok to love him , just Let him go one day at a time. One prayer at a time. If you cant believe it, then believe that I believe that God will heal your heart. You mAy always love him, but in time that place he has in your heart will get smaller and smaller. In time, you will see that God had a plan all
Along. So Keep your heart open and your head held high. God gives us the people we need to help us, love us, and even hurt us to make us who we are! Yes the heart wants what the heart wants, but I believe if I give my heart to God he wants far more than I could ever dare to dream of. So Hang in there sweet girl. Your heart is on the mend, and one day you will have the man of Gods dreams for you.

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