"This Kind of Certanity"

So yesterday, I was catching up with one of  favorite Customers who is quite certain she has found "the one." I told her how happy this Made me because that last guy sure was a jerk! She says, " he was just one of the many losers I always dated."
When she left, a quote from one of my favorite movies, Bridges of Madison County came to mind. It says, "This kind of certainty comes but once in a lifetime." It seems like she has really found "the one". Why? Because after she allowed herself to be heartbroken, guess what she did to put herself back together? She got off the couch, suited up
And showed up for life. She found a new more fulfilling job. She came in for months after the heartbreak and she would say she was working on herself. Her mom even verified it when I would ask about her. She always looked great and with each visit she began to look more confident and beautiful. So the truth here happens to be, when we find ourselves with a long list of losers, we don't dare go out and start dating right away. Why not? Because chances are the cycle will repeat. If we have allowed someone to take advantage of us, lie to us, manipulate us, or cheat on us! Guess what? He isn't really the problem here. We are!! If we want to get it right, then the first thing that must be right is ourselves.
The right kind of certainty only comes to us when we are 100% certain of who we are, 100% certain that our happiness is our own responsibility, 100% positive we can be happy alone, and last but not least 100% Certain we can support ourselves. Why are these things so important? Because once we achieve them, we are giving ourselves what we need. I know so many women who settle because they need a man for one or all of the above. My girl who found "the one" no longer needed someone Hence why she is certain. Wanting and needing are two very different feelings.
So, those of you who read my blogs or know me know that I don't believe in coincidences, and you also know that I absolutely love "signs". This morning I opened up my Facebook and in the memories, I had posted that very quote about certainty from Bridges of Madison County on this very day in 2013. No kidding! Too cool. So I immediately knew  I had to blog about my thoughts on this! I know I'm sure not settling for any less than "once in a lifetime Certanity." What about you?  As always, these are the thoughts and ramblings of a single mom living and loving the life I am in.

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