Things Arent Always as They Seem

Back in April, I stepped up to take over the 5:30 am RPM classes on top of the other four 8:15 am classes I was already teaching. I had taught at that time frame once before but it was once a week, and subbed as needed. Being a single mom, running a business with two busy kids, it was a lot, but I knew it was temporary.
One of my friends just described me the other day as transparent. So I am going with it here!! When I first started teaching that class, I honestly thought these people were obnoxious. They whistled when I took my shirt off. They whooped and hollered. I
Felt like an outsider, like they had their own club and they weren't letting me in! But, I made a decision to just be me, to embrace the extra classes and to go in there each morning work their butts off and kill them with power climbs, sprints, and kindness. As time went on, I found myself jumping out of bed to get there. All of a sudden I realized.... Things aren't always as they seem. Maybe it wasn't them, maybe it was me! Changing an attitude changes everything. I now adore all these people. We trained a new teacher and now I just do it one morning a Week at that time frame.. Btw it's Thursday at 5:15 am if you want a free pass to see what the fuss is all about, let me know! I wouldn't trade it for the world. They make my week!! I love their spirits and their energy, and what girl doesn't want to get a real whistle time to time? Change is never easy on anyone, but if things never change then we never grow. If you know me, then you most likely have heard me say a thousand times, "it's a sign." I believe that we get signs all the time we just have to be open to see them, but more importantly we have to remember things aren't always as they seem. You might not ever have a date with The cute boy that caught your eye but I bet he put an extra skip in your step, and maybe he was there to just remind you that there is a cute boy out there for you. That job you didn't get was most likely to prepare you for the big one coming your way. The kids you wish you had are there to show you that one day you will have your very own kids! God wants you to have all the things your hearts desire! He has bigger and better plans for us than we can imagine. So the next time you get down in the dumps, try this with me... Change your attitude and look around with an open mind. The couple you envy is going to be you one day! The child you desire is coming your way. That big career break is right around the corner. And yes that cute boy he's going to show up when you least expect him! God is going to show you little things along the way to remind you He has got this! Keep the faith, hang in, hold on, and as I say to those 5 am rpm friends... simply enjoy the ride! Remember things aren't always as they seem... They are most likely going to  get even better!!!!!


  • Lori Terry

    It’s a gift I’m telling u a gift …. Keep writing Christy !!! I love this❤️

  • Wanda NeSmith

    Chrisy we have loved you from day one! Believe me I have had my feelings stepped on but the thing is just pop back. I love all those folks. Its like family. We Love having you there and they are easier on you and Cissy than they were on Kelly!?You are the bomb!

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