The Surprise Spree

So last week at the store things started out slow, and when you own a small business in a small town that's never a good thing. I am sooo grateful for all my Instagram out of town customers in weeks like that. Many days I ship more than I sell in the store. Seriously, I can go to Nashville, set up
A pop up shop and do what I do in a week in a few short hours. Welcome to Florence. Not to mention I have a boutique in a town where everyone decides to open one, but I believe I have an extra special one so thankfully God has blessed me to stay open 8 years with many frequent frolicers that grace my presence on a regular basis. I was one of the first to open doing what I do and I intend to be one of the last.
Yet, I am quite certain on Friday I had one of my favorite sales yet, but more importantly the sweetest, coolest, and most flattering sale. Now if you have ever been in frolic, you know that I always ask if you know your way around, and I make sure you feel at home, I may even share an experience with you, my dad or daughter might even ring you up, or maybe you just need an ear, and I'm there if you need me, plus I always give my honest opinion. I truly love People so I enjoy talking to everyone. It's so fun to help
A girl find that perfect outfit for her occasion.
I hate when I go to a store and 1. The person working is a snob. Really? You are working retail, and even if you own it. Really? 2. They follow me around trying to push things on me. Really? Ugh!! Or 3. They tell me something looks good When it doesn't. Really? Please!!
Now, if you are a guy, and you have come in with your girlfriend, wife, or your daughter, you always get a compliment from me. I think men who shop with or for their girls are Heroes and I always commend them. Fathers, if you want your daughter to Marry a man who does nice things for her, then do nice things for her like this. Mothers if your husband treats you like crap and never does special things for you. ... News flash your daughter thinks that's how it should be. Our children learn by what we do, not what we tell them to do. Girls appreciate the little things, the thoughtful things, but I'm
Sure you men know this!!
Well, this particular Friday, I had a couple sneak in while I was talking to a frolic favorite. There was already another couple in the store shopping, and yes I had complimented thst man for shopping with his sweetheart, but I missed these two
Entirely. Didn't even catch on to give them
The first time tour. I did get to see her try on a few things then, They come up to the front and she is holding a big stack of clothes. I say, no worries ill put all that up, she says no we want it all. So I am immediately thinking... Thank you God. This week really just picked up! Now, if you know me, then you know I
Juggle two kids, a business, being a fitness instructor, and the list goes on. You also know that I'm a Little forgetful. I never forget to order clothes, or pick up my kids, But I have forgotten to order bags. Go figure. I'd like to say it was a first, but indeed it wasn't. I had already used all
My recycled ones so I literally had nothing To put their tremendous purchase in other than a glad garbage bag. At least it was the nicer white ones. So they pAy with a wad of cash he hands her and head on their way. I did get to tell them that I was soo sorry I missed their entrance, and and we laughed about the bag.
Well about ten minutes later she came back in. She had forgotten a shirt she wanted. No coincidence. This is just too good too be true. What a customer I have today!! So I sparked a conversation with her. She lAughed and said her husband told her, man we drove all the way from Dothan to get a garbage sack of clothes. We both laughed. She told Me they owned a business and she always forgets to order the small things too which made me feel a little better. So I said Dothan?? What brings you here? She said I love your stuff. I follow you on Instagram. My husband surprised me for our 20th wedding anniversary with a trip to your store and gave me that wad of money I used to pay you with to spend. He found Joe Wheeler so they planned to spend their first kid free weekend in 20 years there. Wow!!
I wanted to cry. I felt so honored. As we talked, I came to find out, they own a stockyard in Dothan. It's a family affair. This beautiful lady and mother of 4 can be seen bushogging and hauling cattle and now she will be sporting frolic fashion that came straight from a garbage bag!!
Just when things seem hopeless, When a week seems bad, it can always turn around. Life is full of surprises. People can appear out of nowhere just like that and make your week. Heck, they Made my month simply coming all that way to shop my little funky store. It wasn't the $$$ they spent, it was the gesture. It was my clothes they came for. Wow!!! I immediately asked Amanda, the lucky lady, if her husband had a brother available. No such luck!!
It's really changed my attitude about a few other things. We all need those little attitude adjusters time to time. Example... I happen to be a hip, fun, loving, fit, and if I say so myself pretty cute self supporting lady living single In one of the top ten worst places in the whole country to be single. No lie!!! They made a list. It's a real thing. To top it off, I am a good mother which is like a double whammy because that keeps me too busy to actually go somewhere I might meet someone. But Amanda and her sweet husband reminded me, at any given time someone could just swoop in whether it be for a sale, a changed attitude, or who knows maybe even a hot date!! It all
Happens exactly when it should for people like me who just keep doing the next right thing and then the next. After all, I no longer need someone! Girls there is a huge difference here. Needing someone is the best way to find the wrong person. Trust me That's another blog!! I just want someone, and in one of the worst towns to be single, I've had to learn patience or Lord knows where I'd be today!!!
So if you are a man, and you are reading this. Keep this idea in mind. There isnt a girl I know who wouldn't love a surprise shopping spree. Bring one of yours to frolic and I will even give you a discount if you mention this blog. And if you're someone who is down and out, lonely or longing for a date night, hoping for Mr. Right just hang on. Better times, better sales, better things are coming your way.
You see, My little store is all me. I have built that business all on my taste and kept it filled with the things I love. I have never tried to copy anyone else or tried to be anything or anyone other that what I am
And that is something to be proud of, but some slow days I might get down, then boom Amanda and her prize of a husband show up to remind me my stuff rocks!!!! I rock!!
I also have managed to build a life for my kids and myself that we love. I made it through some hard stuff and God has blessed me with the right people to guide me to where I am today.
I hope this week you get some good surprise or maybe you be the one who gives the surprise. Wherever you may be, just remember, your big break, your big surprise could be just Around the corner, and never stop believing becAuse it's coming just in His time not yours!!

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