The “Present”

As the new year rolls in and the holidays have come to an end. We take down the trees or at least some of us do. I’ve got to get on that.
Every Christmas we see so much focus on the presents. I always want to get my kids and loved ones just the right things. I love the giving part of the magical time of year, but I have decided in the new year to focus on another kind of present. A “present” that I have no doubt WILL keep giving to my loved ones and myself all year long. Some wise soul told me a few years back that I could start my day over at any time, and it’s true I can. I believe it’s the same thing with a year. I don’t have to wAit for a new yeAr to roll around to add things to my life or to take things out of my life, but yes I agree it’s a great place to start. So best of luck to all you dieters and rising new workout folks. It’s a great resolution or as I call it a way of life. Each morning before my feet hit the floor, I seek to read my daily devotional and simply pray and meditate on the day to come. This morning as I thought about the kids starting back to school, the word present popped into my head. Now, I’m not about to go out and buy anymore gifts. I think we are good for a while, but it got me thinking that maybe this year I need to to focus on being more “present “ in my life and those around me. The next time you go out to eat at a nice restaurant look around the place. Imagine you see a family of four. Can you guess what they are most likely all doing? Then look over in the dimly liT corner, there is a beautiful girl wearing this awesome black dress ( humor me and let’s say it’s from frolic) and she is sitting across from Mr. Right Who is sporting a fashionable sport coat with some Stylish jeans and let me add he’s tall dark and handsome. What do u think they are doing? Well I can tell you what I hope they aren’t doing. That is looking at Sara Sues latest filtered photo on Instagram or reading about how wrong Billy has Been to Belinda on Facebook, or surely they aren’t playing trivia crack. I’d like to think their phones were tucked away in their pockets or purses and they are simply enjoying real life conversation, reality and yes the present moment which will never happen again because newsflash here friends, the newsfeeds will be there after dinner. Now let’s go into to a cozy home. The kids have gone to bed and Mom and Dad have some time to themselves. Is the mom posting on Facebook how magnificent and loving her husband is or Is she sharing with all the world how incredibly lucky she is to have him Or is this woman cuddled up to him telling him those things? Another newsflash.... The only person that really cares to hear how great he is, most likely is him especially if he isn’t even on Facebook. Now let’s venture into a bit of a nightmare, (Married people count your lucky stars) the dating world. Let’s imagine this well put together easy on the eyes single girl decides she is ready to date. Let’s say she lives in the 9th worst city in the country to be single, and kicking and screaming she finally gives in to the dating apps. What do you think happens next? I’d like to think she meets a nice guy who picks her up, opens her car door, takes her to dinner and if they are both lucky they kiss goodnight and decide to do it again. I would hate to think he starts crossing lines and asking a girl he doesn’t know for pictures in her bikini or what her favorite sexual position is. FYI.. she deletes him. I would hate to think any man would prefer spending weeks texting with a beautiful fun girl over sitting across from her as he listens to her funny stories and actually watches her smile and laugh over his witty charm.
My point here isn’t to give you any advice or tell you to put your phones down. I don’t give advice. My point is to claim that I plan to be more present in everything I do. Social media and texting simply isn’t reality and it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Real life face to face with real people is the route I am taking. Anyone can text you or like your latest post, but the good stuff happens face to face looking up and in their eyes hearing what they have to actually speak and say. Of course social media has a place, and there is nothing wrong with catching up with friends and seeing their fun pictures, but it is no substitute for the good old present here and now.
The way I see it is Everyday and everyone whom God has put in my life is a blessing,and I’m going to start embracing their presence much more. I’m going to stop looking down at my phone so much and start looking up at all the amazing things and people around me. It all begins with me. I love Gandhi’s famous quote “Be the change you want to see in the world” i just want to stay in the moments this new year. I don’t want to miss something spectacular because I was too consumed to simply look up and around. So friends and family my present to you and myself this year is simply to be more present. Those of you who know me know how fun that’s going to be so hold me to it. As always friends, take what you like and leave the rest and may 2018 be the best present ever.

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  • Tammy

    I totally agree! My family, especially my two 18 year olds, needs to focus on putting the phones away! Thank you for this eye-opening message! Happy New Year!

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