"The One"

Living in a small town being a very intuitive person, I am baffled at why so many people live their lives to just fit in or be like their neighbor or that doctors wife they envy. I have no doubt this is why I Loved being in Los Angeles. Everyone does their own thing, and they mind their own business. You don't see all the cookie cutter clothes, nor are people concerned about your fortune or misfortune. They are too busy focussing on and enjoying their own lives. Their minds are open, and they think big. I met so many nice people who were just happy, and Happiness is contagious!
When it comes to small minds, I have never understood that way of thinking. I strive to be unique and different. I also don't care to know if Sally Sue cheated on Billy Bob. That's their problem not mine. I have a life of my own to live. Someone else's misfortune really isn't my business. I am glad I don't fit in that little box of the world.
Not too long ago, I had dinner with a group of people who made some remarks about my kick butt outfit. It wasn't Trashy, it was edgy, and to say the Least I was rocking it. The comments were rather rude in a playful condescending way, but I couldn't care less. I know I have style. So I say, stare and poke fun all you want. Anyone can go out and buy the latest fashion, but it takes Gaul to have style. I don't get dressed for them or anyone for that matter . I get dressed for myself. I wear what I love!! It always drives me crazy when a girl brings an outfit back to the store and says, my boyfriend didnt like it! Really? Is he cross Dressing? Or are you just dressing for him? Rule #1. Dress for yourself please!! 90% of men don't even have fashion sense anyway. Too many girls are spending way too much time looking for approval or trying to prove to some guy or the click they want to be a part of that they are worthy of them. Knowing your worth, knowing what you deserve is the key to happy healthy relationships. If someone can't see what a light you are in their life, move on please!!!! They were there for a reason.
God is going to place a lot of people in your life for many reasons. Just be sure you don't try to hold on to people that are not meant to stay! Sometimes you just need a smack in the face to wake you up. These people come in and out with A bang. A few weeks before our trip, I met this person that literally blew me away. He was so full of life to say the Least. He professed some things that even intrigued me which takes a lot, but he was there to wake me up. He was there to remind me to live more. He said to me in our first conversation, "I live everyday like it's my last". It was my inspiration to theme our trip, Live Like you're dying. As much as I had hoped he would be " the one" he wasn't, but he was "the one" who gave me a little Shake. He gave me exactly what I needed. I have learned I rarely get what I want, but always what I need!!
Just talking to him reminded me who I was. It lit me up again. It's easy to loose oneself in the daily grind of life. The greatest gift we can receive is someone who reminds us Who we are. I've had plenty of people to come into my life and try to change me or tell me what I need to do, and I use to do the same. I Now know how stupid that is!! If I can't accept someone how they are, then I need to remove myself from their life and vice versa. He reminded me of how much I love living life to the fullest just being himself.
I actually know the power of living, letting live, and letting Go and Letting God. Sometimes I just need that shake to Get me back on track. We all do. I have also learned that all things will be As they should be. So it is a waste of energy to seek someone's approval or try to force things to happen. Be yourself, if they don't approve. Check them
Off your list. Not everyone is meant to stay in your life. Please don't take it personal. It's never about you!! It's just life!! It is just the plan! So the month of February has literally been full of love, life, and happiness. It's been the best month I have had in years all because I am
Simply just getting out there living and loving my crazy, busy, hectic, fun, blessed, simple, yet sometimes very hard life!! Everyday is a gift. Every person who graces your presence is either a blessing or a lesson. You are beautiful and hands down you Deserve to laugh, smile, sing, dance, and go explore. There is a whole world out there!! Please go and experience the beauty of it all!

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