The "Love" Cup

So the question on this hot July day is are you able to fill your own love cup? Now this is a very important question if you are in a relationship or you ever hope to be in one. So really think about it before you answer. It is absolutely necessary that we are able to fill up our own "love" cups. Have u ever been to Mexico and refrained from drinking the water? I know I Have. Everyone knows you aren't suppose to drink that water there. Most likely you will get sick. If there are any other Sex and the City fans out there then you may recall what happened to Charlotte when she accidentally got some of the water in her mouth during her shower in Mexico. If you didn't see it, let's just say she didn't make it to the bathroom fast enough. It made her very sick. It's basically the same thing with your Love cups. When we allow or expect others to fill it up for us, there is no telling what we are drinking, and you are risking getting a hold of Lord knows what that can and will make you sick. You may get a cup of alcoholism, addiction, mommy or daddy issues, Low self esteem, bitterness or sadness to name a few. Now some of you will get lucky and land someone who fills your cup full of love and happiness, but guess what? This is temporary. No one can keep that up. The more they fill your cup, the faster you will gulp it up. You need whAt they are giving you and as much as I hate to burst your bubble, it will never ever be enough. Your happiness, your love cup becomes totally dependent on another person. In some situations, you will most likely start filling theirs since they can't possibly keep up with two cups. You both are going to dehydrate! Some will Sooner some will later. Your well is going to dry up and leave you sick and tired and miserable with no clue why!! So what do you do? Well, you start looking at yourself and make a list of the things you need to be happy. List the things this person is giving you to keep you clinging to their love supply and taking what isn't rightfully yours. Then, stop allowing someone to take your supply. Figure out the things you need and want. Then, get on your knees and start asking God to help you fill your own cup with his help. It sounds so simple, yet it isnt going to be easy. The first step is learning how to love yourself. I have often heard it said, you can't love anyone until you love yourself. Honestly, I find that to be incorrect in my life. I have no problem loving "him". I have no problem filling his love cup nor do I have a problem letting "him" fill my cup. But I do have a problem letting him love me enough to allow myself to fill my own cup. I have a problem loving him enough to let him fill his own cup. So therefore my problem doesn't lie in loving others, my problem is myself. It keeps me from loving or receiving love in a healthy unconditional kind of way. Until I am able to fill my own cup and allow others to fill their own cup, then neither one of us are capable of really receiving the "good" kind of love we deserve. We can love each other til death do we part, but we will never be able to experience the true gift of real healthy love because we are sucking each other too dry to actually let the other one really love us. I know it all Sounds crazy, and hard to make sense of it.
I want to not only give love, but I want to be able to receive it. We will never experience the kind of love God wants us to have until we learn how to Fill our own cups. Now, alone I am not capable of this kind of love. Lord knows, my love life has been a wreck but guess who is capable of this kind of love? God. So the only way I can have what he wants for me is to simply, notice I didn't say easily, but simply go to him to get it, and love through him. This isn't rocket science friends. It's simply learning how to love the person you have Known your whole life, yourself. It shouldn't be that hard unless you make it hard. I am quite certain you have many People In your life that can make lists of the things they love about you, and I bet when they compliment you, you dismiss it if you are one of the ones of us who can't fill our own cups. So I challenge you to start believing the things you actually know about Yourself. Stop putting yourself down please!!! And when Someone compliments you, as hard as it is, just say thank you! Then give yourself a gold star. You just added a little to your cup. Little by little, as you begin to accept yourself good and bad. Little by little as you stop trying to be so Perfect, and Learn to laugh at all the funny things you do, your cup will get a little fuller. Little by little as you stop waiting on someone else for refills, you will find that with Gods help you are Quenching those things you thirst for on ur own. As one of my favorite people has always said, nothing worth having ever comes easy. So if you want that love that bears all, then "simply" go to God and let him show you how to love yourself and then and only then will you begin to fill your own "love" Cup. Then and only then will you be able to give "him" the respect and dignity "he" deserves to fill his own cup. Who knows you two just might go down in history as one of the greatest love stories ever or you simply may just go down as the pitchers that Kept each other's cups full until you figured out how to fill it up on your own which will in turn lead you to your own great love story.

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