The Chartered Path

Have you ever had a hArd time letting go of something or someone? Maybe your child is struggling with an issue, your spouse or significant other can't seem to stop drinking, your parent can't seem to get it right, or maybe your life simply seems to resemble a nightmare that sure as heck doesn't look Anything like your dreams. Maybe you lost your job or it simply isn't what you want to be doing. It could even be that you just went through a bad break up and you love them so much, and just wanted it to work.. the list could be endless and long.
All of these things are a part of life's path. My point is that our life is already chartered... have you ever been on a cruise? If you have, you know that every stop is set.. what happens when you go off on your own excursion and you don't get back to the boat on time? Well, according to the guy who checks me out at my local kangaroo, the boat will leave you. It goes on without you. But, you can find a way to get to the next stop and jump back on board.
My friends, this is life. Our paths are chartered. God knows exactly what he has at every stop for us. He doesn't expect us to be the perfect passengers. He knows that we are going to miss the boat more often than not, but the good news here is we don't have to go spend hundreds of dollars to get back on, we simply just have to surrender. We just ask him to help us get back on the right path. There are so many lessons learned when we miss the boat. Those lessons strengthen our faith and our hearts. His path is the way to happiness. It's the way to our destiny. The only path we can walk is our own path. So just as we have to surrender ourselves for him to keep us on our path. We must do the same for the ones we love and hold onto... go back to the cruise ship scenario, If your boyfriend is left in Mexico, and you are on the boat. Can you fly back to the boat for him? No. We can't fly in someone else's name nor can we take someones path for them. When we try, we are getting in Gods way to get them where he wants them!
It seems as if my path is always changing. It can be scary to have no idea where all I am going, but I have no doubt where my final destination will be. I can choose fear and have a miserable trip or I can choose faith and enjoy the path that is already set for me. God has it all mApped out already. There is nothing I can do to mess it up although I can actually cause delays when I stay stuck trying to do it my way. So today I'm on the boat, and I have faith my next stop is going to be exactly where I need to go. I know some stops are painful and hard but they are necessary to get me where I am going. I have to accept it, feel it, then keep going forward in hopes the next stop will be glorious. Of course I can only dream it includes a hot, witty, handy man on a sandy white beach in clear waters, but the good news is with faith and acceptance, I can enjoy that beach with all the people God has already blessed me with. I can sit back and enjoy the ride because it's already all chartered and the best news of all is God loves me more than anyone and he's driving the boat with a path far better than any path I could ever imagine!!

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