"That Someone"

There will be that someone who comes into your life to shake you up, someone to steal your heart, someone who falls for you and if you both get lucky you shake them up, steal their heart, and fall right back for them. There will be that someone who shares their story with you and you can do the same. There will be the that someone  who comforts you and even challenges you, and if you are lucky you will comfort and challenge them right back. There will be that someone who will always seem optimistic while at times it even frustrates you, but that someone is just there to remind you of how Amazing you are and what you are capable of. That someone doesn't do it for you, they just cheer you onward, and if you are truly blessed you will frustrate them right back with your optimism and remind them of their capabilities as you cheer them on as well. 

I was recently having a conversation with someone about those times when it feels as if your ship is sinking. I believe God gives us these someones to join us in the boat of life to keep us from going under. I don't believe he wants us to row through this life on our own. He is with us every stroke of the way, and he gives us these someone's to guide us through the storms as well as  to enjoy the clear waters on a beautiful summer day. These someone's may come in and out of your life. Although, if you are really lucky you may happen upon that someone you get to sail the high seas with til death do you part.
The point here is that these someone's are gifts, and they are gifts from God. Some come and go, some stay, but Be sure you tell
Your someone how much they mean to you. Be sure you thank God for the gifts they bring and most of all be sure you recognize they aren't there to save you. They aren't there to pick you up nor are they there to fix you. They are simply there to love you, and they are there to remimd  you that your ship won't sink as long as you just keep rowing and going. They don't try to change you. They just gently push you to be the best you you can be.  Today I am so grateful for those someone's and a God that sends them to me as I sail thru this beautiful thing called life. 

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