Sometimes It Just Takes a Word

I believe Sometimes God brings certain people or things to your attention to simply wake you up a little. How many times have you gotten stuck in a rut? Or maybe given up on a dream? Then someone can say or do something and it is like a bit of a heart shocking sensation and you jump back on the saddle or begin to climb out! It could even be something you are reading or maybe just a picture showing some sort of an accomplishment. Life isn't meant to be lived in the ruts, but it's the ruts that have made me who I am today!
I have often heard my Dad talk about the peaks and valleys in his life. I do believe we have to find ourselves in the valleys time to time so we can fully appreciate the peaks. I once saw a quote that read, "the view at the top of the mountain is the same, but we all have different paths to get there." Truth.
Ever heard someone say, You don't know what you got til it's gone? Well that's right on!! Yet, once you have found yourself smack Dab in that valley a few times, that changes somewhat. Small things begin to matter more. Big things bring you to your knees with gratitude. It's so easy to take life for granted if we never have any problems. So next time you find yourself stuck in a rut or deep down in the valley, just hold on and look around. Listen to other people. I learned a long time ago that I don't learn anything from hearing myself talk. God gave me two ears and one mouth! So I try to do twice the listening. Now if you know me, you know that takes focus!! I do like to talk. My answer is always there when I am ready and willing to hear it!!! I am Quite certain God has wished he could have come down and shook me and just said..... Shut up and listen a few times in my life. I know some people like this. Right now. I see them
Struggling in the valley and they just keep fighting it. Their EGOs (edging God out) tell
Them they know best. I saw this amazing video Highland Park Baptist Church put out called Overcome. It's on you tube. Great watch showing some different peaks and valleys these people go through! A must see! It ends with a guy saying... "Everytime I went in fighting I
Lost, it wasn't until I surrendered that things began to change." For me surrendering means 1.Letting Go 2.Letting God and 3. Listening and waiting for his will not mine. He spoke to me through others way before I learned to listen to him for myself. I was good at interpreting things the way I wanted them To be, and I was really good at praying for my own will. I even use to do some bargaining. God if you will just do this, blah blah blah. My will never seemed to work, and although I always thought I knew what was best for everyone, myself included. I finally realized that I don't know it all. I can learn from others who have been in my shoes. I can always learn something from someone if I am open and willing to listen. I take what I like, and leave the rest. Just as you are encouraged to do with all my ramblings. Being deep in The valley can have a way of humbling a person AKA getting rid of that ego that tells us we know best!! All my wisdom, all my talents, all the things I toot my horn for are because of the MAN above and all
The Amazing friends and family he has put in my life that have inspired me or cheered me on. Now I'm
Not saying I haven't worked my tail off to accomplish all the things I have but I'm giving credit where credit is due! There is no way I could have done it all alone. So today I say thank you to everyone and everything that God continues to send to keep me getting back or staying on the saddle of this awesome thing called my life!!! I'll see you at the top!! 
P.S. So I am stepping up my blog and my writing, and after I wrote this one I wondered if I should add it to the site. I
Prayed about it and woke this morning to this text... Thinkin of u tonight and the encouragement u have given me at all the right moments.
I'm not sure how u know what to say and do in such an awkward time but u do. Thank u. Just wanted u to know u have been my strength when I have had none. Sometimes just a word change someone's day. :). Y'all have a good week Christy.
Now think back to the first sentence of my blog I said Sometimes He brings people or things into our lives. What I have done for her really isn't me. It's what God is doing through me! Listen, watch, and learn... He is using you too!!

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