Snap Out of It

So for those of you who don't know, I have put myself back in the dating app world. I have decided that there are chivalrous men are out there although they are few and far between. Being back out there is really no fun and quite baffling. Luckily, I can take care of myself and refuse to settle or tolerate unacceptable behavior. After some of the experiences I have had, I began talking to quite a few of my college girls who shop in my store.  I started asking them about their dating lives and what was going on in their Worlds. Apparently, the guys who actually call women and take them on dates are few and far between. I believe they are in danger of extinction. Now I have come across a few lucky ladies who have met good guys, but Almost every girl I talk to has the same or a similar story. They like this cute guy. He texts and snaps them, but never asks them out. So what is the problem here? Is it the guys? Well I have good and bad news. The bad news is we girls are the actual problem which in turn brings the good news. If we are the problem, then we are the solution. First of all, snap out of it girls. If a guy can only snap and text you, then he isn't that into you. What guy wouldn't prefer actually sitting face to face to a woman? What man prefers to text over looking in your eyes? What guy prefers snapping you over kissing you good night. What guy prefers your latest selfie over watching you throw your hair back in laughter? What guy prefers a video snap over actually turning up the music and swaying next to you? Well I'll tell you what guy. The guy that Isnt into you, the guy that probably sends the same selfie and snap to three other girls he is juggling on his phone, and unless he is just super odd, he's getting what he needs from someone and apparently it's not you. Guys who just snap and text you are surely not the kind of guys we should waste our time on. Girls these days are sending tguys pics and texting them throughout the day.  Why would they have to make Any effort to take you out? You are giving them all they want from you, but trust me if they are breathing they are getting what they need from someone else. So today I challenge you to think about this guy you have a crush on. Who is doing most of the snapping?  Is he calling you? Is he taking you out for a drink or dinner? Is he enjoying your company? Texting and snapping isn't company. Anyone can snap or text you, but someone special will pick you up, open the door for you and treat you with dignity and respect. Any guy who just wants to play around on their phone is just playing with you. So ladies, Stop being a toy, and snap out of it. So let go of the one who snaps you with his selfies, and hold out for the one who sweeps you off your feet.


  • Teresa Lee

    I’m making my girls read this! It is 100% true!

  • TIna Rutgerfirwd

    VERY well said !!!

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