Sidelines, Settling, and Sara

So just last week at frolic in walked one half of one of my favorite couples. If you follow football in the shoals at all, you know the name Cody Gross and if you ever watched him play or coach then you know that his wife Karin has always been on his "sideline." I was a cheerleader at UNA when we had that National Championship winning streak! Those were some great football days!! Cody was the quarterback and Karin was a trainer. These two have the kind of marriage and had the kind of dating relationship people dream about! It's safe to say it is a fairy tale." Now they have three great boys and years of football under their belt!! He is currently head Coach at Athens High School. They are some of what I am going to call the "lucky ones." During my conversation with her she said something to me that really stuck. I was telling her how much I had always admired their love for each other and that I wasn't going to ever settle until I found that very thing this time around. I was one of what I call the "unlucky ones." Yet I wouldn't change a thing. We talked about that place of contentment where I am today which hasn't always been the Case. It comes from relying on something much greater than myself and learning to accept my life is exactly how it is suppose to be for now. I am happy with all the blessings I have and I know in his time, I'll have that same kind of love. She said, God has the perfect person out there for you. He will reward you for your patience, faithfulness, and contentment. Now here is the best part!! She said, there is someone out there that God is preparing just for you. You will be their fit and vice versa. He may not be ready yet! Im thinking no doubt. I am quite a handful (of joy of course)!
That my friends is called hope and wise words from a dear loving soul that I needed to hear. I see so many beautiful girls in this little store who struggle to be content alone. Trust me I know how hard it is to fly solo, but if we all knew what was out there for us we wouldn't tolerate any less than the best. We would not ever settle. Sometimes you just have to trust its coming, hold on and blindly hope!!
Now if you have followed my blog, then you have heard me talk about Sara, the hot algebra teacher I had in high school. If you haven't read about Sara before. Go back and read.. Is He into You blog. Ten years ago when I moved home and started teaching group fitness, Sara was taking classes. Hence why she was "hot" in my high school
Days and is still "hot" in retirement twenty five years later. Sara is about as wise as you can get when it comes to taking care of herself and knowing Her worth. She says whAt she means and means what she says. If you wAnt to be sure you get what you deserve, run your relationship by Sara. Just be ready for what you hear. It's called truth. She has taught me a lot!! So Sara once said to me about my divorce.  "You know Christy, first marriages are pure luck. They are like a Toss up. Heads you stay in, tails you are out. Now if you are one of the "lucky ones" by all means I'm not saying it's all By chance because I don't believe in coincidences, and I do believe sometimes unlucky ones like myself ignore red flags.

But as for luck,  Let's take my parents for example. They were high school sweethearts that married, had two kids, worked together, traveled together, and had 42 years of marriage together when my Mom died! Now, they started dating at 16.   We don't even know who we are going to become at that age so choosing the right person then is truly luck. Yet, They made it. Was it perfect? No! Not all fairy tales are perfect! Life isn't perfect. Did they struggle? Yes! Yet, they found something greater than themselves to pull
Them through. Notice I said THEY!! It takes two to make a relationship work, and as I have said many times. We cannot change or make another person better. Nor can we make a person love us!! That's all on them and their God. Another human being can't be your everything because sadly that person may not always be there. Recently, I had a conversation with a man who lost his wife. She was the love of his life. I complimented him on his attitude. I recognized that he was not bitter. His reply was that he tried to be bitter. But he kept thinking that he had a fairytale marriage for all those years and most people never have that. He also said he relies on something greater than himself to get him through. He chooses to look at the gift he had rather than focussing on what he lost. You see, that kind of love never dies and is truly a gift. I am telling u it exists!! 
So I say to you today. Wait on that special someone that will always be on your sideline. Wait on the fairy tale. Trust that he or she is coming. Stop settling! Stop ignoring red flags. Trust me when I say this... Rejection is Gods protection. Pray for contentment. Pray for wisdom or better yet let me hook you up with Sara if you need some relationship truth. Be patient and Simply believe. Some people say fairy tales don't exist. I disagree. I have witnessed them! I have given you three examples in this short story today. One of my favorite movie lines is in the movie, Ever After a modern day Cinderella. It says " By then, the truth of their romance had been reduced to a simple fairy tale. And, while Cinderella and her prince *did* live happily ever after, the point, gentlemen, is that they lived. "
So, Get out there and love, dance, laugh, be content, believe and LIVE!!  For Your happily ever after is coming for you when you both are ready, you will find each other!!  

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