Throughout my life I have always had a hard time letting go of things. It's very appropriate the verse refers to seasons. I am the girl who loves summer. I hate to see it go and I can't wait for it to come back again. I honestly use to begin laying out in February to get a jump start on my summer tan. At least I had faithful friends like Amy who would suffer the cold with me for a little color. The point here is that seasons are going to change whether I like it or not. I have no control over this. Recently I have thought a lot about past friendships that are no longer the same. It's not that we had a fight and ended the friendship, it's simply that people and circumstances change. Each friendship is a gift from God and I have had so many friendships that have changed my life in amazing ways. Every thing in our life comes and goes in seasons. Even in marriages and families you have the seasons where everything goes right, then there are those seasons that questions arise.. Do I leave? Do I stay? Then there are the seasons where together you overcome life's tough stuff and it's those seasons that make u stronger and bring you closer to God and each other. Good times, bad times, crazy times.., all seasons, all seasons that God intends you to go through. Now here is the kicker, the hard part. Let's say u r in a super crazy season and you are questioning why in the world God won't change it! Well I'll tell you why he didn't change my seasons a lot of times when they needed to change. It's because I was holding onto it for dear life and I Honestly thought if I just did this or that this would be the best season ever like a summer that never ends! Yeah right. It wasn't until I realized, very clearly I was in his way. The change starts with me then it's all Him. It's  actually two simple steps. Now when I say simple in no way does that mean easy! Step one Let GO. Step two Let GOD!! Ok so that sounds easy enough but the hard part is the wait. You see I have never been a patient person. So I want the changes right away. Well my friends it doesn't work that way. If you give it to him and let him keep it then it comes in his time. Meanwhile wonderful things are happening in you. Even if it doesn't feel like it, trust me the people close to you may even see it before you do. It's not my will be done. It's thy will be done. And these days I'm positive thy always beats my!! Whatever season you may find yourself in just remember it's all
Part of his plan. He is in charge so just let him do his thing. Hand it over, hang in, hold on and get ready! The best is yet to come!!!! 

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