Rejection- God’s Protection

I was browsing through my notes this morning and I came across one of my favorite quotes I had saved. "There are seasons when God allows us to feel the frailty of human love so we will appreciate the strength of his love." Years ago I was going through my first post divorce heartbreak and my sweet friend told me to see it as a privilege. It actually ticked me off a little until later I found it sound and wise. She said, “ Look at this as Gods way of reeling you in.” And to my pleasant surprise, that is exactly what was happening. I believe it was the beginning of many changes to come in my life. It was the first time I recognized just how orchestrated God’s plan is for me. As the years went by, I came to realize that whatever it is, be it the jerk who cheats on you, the coward who is all about you then completely ghosts you, the nice guy who simply just isnt the one that doesn’t ask you back out, or the jackass who breaks ur heart into tiny pieces, rejection is always Gods protection. 12 years ago after my divorce if God had said to me, “Christy give me a list of all the things you want out of life and I will give them to you” Do you have any idea how much I would have shorted myself? You see, its because of that frailty of human love, that I have to continuously turn to Him. Its that frailty that has hurt me but its keeps me in check with his plan. Lord knows my plans are nothing compared to his What is life without love? What is life without risks? Yes, it sucks to be hurt, but maybe just maybe its just him reeling us back in time and time again. Its just his way of keeping our eyes on the prize. I have never understood why some people seem to just get it easy and then there are others (myself included) who seem to have to go the long haul. Today I believe that God has someone out there for me and for you. I believe that whoever it is, whatever it is, it is going to be more than I could ever imagine. So to my sweet single friends, just stay the course! Keep looking up. People show you who they are pretty quickly. Believe them. If you are being rejected, let it happen because it just means God has better plans. The right person for you is going to love you and accept you exactly as u are even if u are nervous and tell way too many long stories, or if u barely talk at all, maybe you act like a hot mess or have one too many drinks at dinner. Newsflash.. God has a plan and you my friend simply are not that powerful to mess it up! So embrace your crazy, fun, talk too much or not enough hot mess selves and be open to whats to come because it will be far more than u could ever imagine!!

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