Vocabulary.com says To PURGE is to get rid of something or someone, and often it’s done suddenly. Purge rhymes with urge, and when you have a really strong urge to throw stuff away or clean something out, you have an urge to purge.
From the Latin purgare, meaning "purify," purge is used as a verb for removing impure things, whether they're guilty feelings in a person or rotten vegetables in a refrigerator. As a noun, the act of tossing out the too-small clothes in your closet before getting new ones might be called a purge.
So I have decided to relate this years end to this interesting word PURGE. I think purging can be hard, but I believe it is a necessary action in many cases. Have you ever tried to gradually wean yourself from a person, place, substance, or thing? Well, from the experiences I have had and watched others have, weaning doesn't really do the trick if its something u have a tight grip of or has a tight grip on you. So I say purge! Purge right into 2018 with a sense of freedom. For when we rid ourselves of “bad things” it only gives us room for all of the good things a new year and a “ purged” you can bring. Letting go isn't something you can halfway do. It really isn’T something you can ease into. Letting go is a sudden release of what is holding you back. It is believing that better things, better feelings, or even better people await you. Letting go is an act you do for yourself and no one else. Maybe someone did you wrong, mAybe they made broken promises, maybe they broke your heart, or mAybe they even stole from you. Maybe you are holding on to the belief that one day they will make it right. Maybe you know that they carry guilty feelings, and those feelings have you under some misconception that one day they will
Wake up and realize what they did. Well, I say to you PURGE it all. Let go of their guilty feelings and yours for allowing it. Let go of any dream of their awakening because guess what? They may never awaken, and waiting for them to keeps a grip on you! Im
Not asking you to forget, just forgive and move on. PURGE! Move on with grace and dignity. Move on into 2018 knowing without a doubt that good things are coming your way. Let new dreams purge the old ones. Let courage purge out all fear. Let new possibilities purge the old possibilities. Let old feelings purge ones soon to come, and when those old feelings creep back in or maybe those people try to wiggle their way back into your life. Remember the PURGE! Remember why you had the urge in the first place. Hold out for the good. Hold out for the right things! On a side note, if you do decide to purge through your closet, come see me at frolic.
So I hope tonight is as amazing as you are! I hope tonight you are out with the old and in with the new. Regardless if 2017 was the worst year or the best year of your life, it was still a gift. I believe that bad things simply just happen to good people as do bad years, but I believe that God will always find a way to get us through the bad and into the good if we just let him. So I intend to PURGE into a new year knowing without a doubt good things are in store! I intend to let go suddenly and leave al kinds of room for the good 2018 is going to bring!!

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