Proud to be a Girl's Girl

I am coming off of a really great experience dancing in a charity event with a truly great group of women ranging from ages 22-43. We ended our Katy Perry performance Sunday night with a long dinner after quite a few practices and group texts. We even went through one of our members missing due to a car wreck  to be found with a badly broken leg in a 30 foot revine.  I started reflecting on how much I enjoyed each one of these women and how many different fantastic qualities sat around that table with me at this local restaurant. It makes me so happy to be what I have always called myself, a true girl's girl. Since I was a young age, my Mom instilled in me the value of being a good friend which actually led to me having many great friends. I truly believe we get what we give away. In the end, it all comes back to us. I love to see and hear of women empowering other women as it should be. Now there are always going to be those few "mean girls" who will make condescending remarks to you. Guess what? They are jealous and they have the issue not you. There are going to be the girls who talk smack behind your back, but kiss up to you face to face or on Facebook. Guess what? A zebra can't hide their stripes long. Then there is the girl who flirts with or goes after your boyfriend or your husband. Guess what? People reap what they sow. Those girls are really few and far in between. There are way more of us girl's girls. When you encounter the "mean" ones  instead of joining them at their levels, rise up
And be grateful you aren't one of them
As my Mom use to say, kill them with kindness!!
I've never been the girl to dump her friends because I don't agree with them, or to disappear as soon as I get a boyfriend. I also find it a known rule that I would never go out with one of my friends crushes , nor would I go after the cute boy or husband they just dumped or got dumped by. There is nothing that can ruin a great friendship like a couple girls dating the same boy. I recently had this conversation with my 12 year old daughter who doesn't like boys yet!! Thank heavens! She was telling me about this young boy who had "dated" most of her friends. Now , I'm not sure how that happens in 7th grade, but we attempted it too. Although I think we called it going together. I immediately told her. Your friends boyfriends or ex-boyfriends are just off limits. It's just a given rule between girls so when the times comes she will know.

I have been so blessed through my life to have friends who have lifted me up spiritually, emotionally and challenged me physically as you know I love exercise!! There have been many Friends who have laughed with me, cried with me, and simply just sat with me when I needed it. There is nothing like the bond between girls. I can only hope that as My daughter continues to grow I have Instilled these same qualities in her. If you really want to know if someone is genuine, just ask one of us girl's girls. You guys never see it like we do. We are experts at spotting the Wolves in Sheep's clothing.

So this blog is in honor of my Katy Perry group girls. Just at that one dinner table... You have Sarah who has a story of strength that proves how powerful our God is and a faith like hers at such a young age marvels me. As I sat and listened to her talk
About her 17 hour ordeal where she was stuck in her wrecked car, it was evident her faith never faltered. She knew she would be found. She remained calm with a peace because this incredible young lady knows God and she had a direct line with him the whole time. If you have ever doubted God or need a reminder please check out Sarah's story. Sarah is just kick butt girl!! 
There sat Molly... She is a licensed counselor in a private practice! Boom! A woman with a big career! She can move and groove like no other and I'm pretty sure she cAn out tuck jump any of us. She has a contagious healthy spirit. It is what it is with her. She is the kind of honest true logical friend everyone needs.
Then there is young Mary Charlotte. She was raised by a strong single mom who always put her kids first. She has a sweet loving soul. Just her voice will calm you. She loves big and works hard!! She is dedicated and the girl can take some fabulous selfies.
Now if you are like me, and rarely even wear make up then you need a friend like Katie to make you look stunning. She should be a make up artist. She is so girly and talented. She has this quiet confidence and a killer smile to brighten anyone's day. Oh and she appeared on the TV show Yes to the Dress. Wow!
And every girl needs at least one friend like Kayla that looks like a doll. U know the one with the little perfect body but she has no clue she looks fabulous. Not to mention she can do 3 ways Of splits and twist and bend in ways you don't realize are possible. She wore the big heart because she is just a complete sweetheart!!
I share all this with you because it is my belief as women, we should do our best to lift each other up. Life is hard. There are plenty of things out there that can get us down. It should never be each other. We are all created in his image. We are all talented, beautiful, and smart in our own ways. If I find myself having issues with other women, it's my problem not theirs. Thank God when it comes to myself I am not insecure. Other women don't intimidate me, they inspire me. They challenge me, they teach me, and push me to be better. I have so many women in my life that marvel me!! I can learn something from every single one of them. The girls who spend their lives being "mean". The girls who spend their lives in envy are the cheated ones. Today I challenge you to look at the women in your life and celebrate them!!!! Lift each other up every chance you get!! Tell your friends what you love about them. Tell them how they inspire you. And join me in raising our daughters to do the same. Women empowering women is where it is!!! I can proudly say I am a true Girl's girl. It's a great way to be!!! And I am so grateful for the long list of you girls who lift me up and love me through the good, bad, and the ugly. You know who you are. It's a very very long list!!!! I am grateful for the strength I gather when I am in your midst. I have learned so much from all of you!!!! Thank God for girls and thank God I had a girl's girl for a Mom!!! 

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