Power of being YOU!

I have never been one to bash other people for their beliefs or philosophies, but every time I see a post or a blog telling women how to make a man fall in love with them I cringe. So my question to them is.. what do they do once he is in love with them by this path you have designed for them? Do you have a plan for how they keep him in love? Or better yet, do you have a plan for what she needs to do when he realizes that she used some “blueprint” you designed to make him fall for her? And an even better question? How is she sure she wants to fall in love with him? Is it possible she is just trying to be validated by some great or hot guy by forcing him to fall in love with her? Shouldn’t two people naturally get to know each other then fall in love? Here is what I know.. If I am so consumed with trying to get him to fall in love with me, am I going to even know if I want to fall in love with him? This isn’t a game of elementary playground dodgeball where you are picking teams and raising your hand and yelling pick me pick me! This is your life and your happiness!  Ask yourself if you want to pick him? Do you like him? Is he a good one? Is he treating you with respect? Is he moving at a pace that doesn’t scream crazy? Newsflash, if someone is in love with you after one date or a few conversations then I would take a look into this person! That is a red flag!! Love isn’t a speed game! Love takes time and it is a choice to be made wisely. You better make sure the person you fall in love with or better yet, “get” to fall in love with you is worthy of you!! Stop looking for someone to pick you, and do the picking!  Get to know him and let him get to know you! Be yourself. Let him get to know you in a timely fashion. Have him pick you up and take you on dates. You deserve to be courted! You deserve to be intrigued and wowed!  If he intrigues and wows you then go on another date then another! Let it happen naturally! Let it be real because if you don’t then eventually the shit will hit the fan when your real self comes out!  Dating sucks and today it’s even worse than it was when I was a teenager!  Ladies, let a man be a man! Men please step up and be one!!  Times have changed but I don’t believe men and women have changed that much!!! Define your value system, know who you are, and be the best version of yourself you can be and Mr. Or Mrs. right will  fall in love with you simply because they can’t help it, because you have simply made their world a happier or better place not because of some bloggers plan!!  Trust me, all you need to do is suit up show up, put yourself out there and keep striving to be the best person you  can be! I promise you will attract someone great because we attract what we are! So be the best and attract the best!! All you need is you authentic self and Cupid will step in when the timing and person is right!! 

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