Parenting Priority 101

If I choose my kids friends, how will they ever know the kind of people they like.
If I force them to play a sport, how will they know what they enjoy?
If I fight their battles, how will they ever know how to handle problems?
If I never say no to them, how will they ever know how to Accept disappointment?
If I use my influence to get them ahead, how will They ever do it on their own?
If I give them everything they want, how are they suppose to learn gratitude?
If I don't allow them to be themselves, how are they suppose to know who they are?
If I push them to "fit in" certain groups, how will they ever find their place?
In this day and time, life has shifted to being about how many likes we get on our pictures and posts. I admit, it's fun and I am just as guilty as everyone else. This is why I believe my number one job as a parent is to let my children figure out exactly who they are. I want them to make choices based on what THEY want, like, or enjoy! Not what likes or accepts them!!!! Honestly, it doesn't matter to me if they are popular or in the "in" crowd. It matters to me that they love themselves for the wonderful person God made them. I want them to embrace their gifts, talents, and personalities. I don't want them To wake up one day living a life they let choose them. Sometimes we are so worried about being picked or being liked that we don't even think about what we actually like ourselves. My goal for my kids is they choose to live the life they want to live  with the people they want to live it with, in the job or career they choose!! So I see it as my priority to get them ready by simply guiding them to be who they are with God at all  our sides! We all will get lost time to time, but if you know who you really are, the path back is much easier!!

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