Own It!!

So I heard this great new song this morning called Own It by Bailey Bryan. I loved it!! I am
Going to make it my new ringtone no doubt, and I'll be listening to it loudly a lot!! She is singing about all her characteristics and she is owning them
All, good and bad. So I started thinking about myself. Have you ever made a list of all
Your great qualities? It seems crazy or possibly like you would be bragging, but I don't mean to make the list and run around singing your own praises to everyone but I feel it is important that we recognize the Good stuff within us! I see so many young women who allow their circumstances or their upbringing to give them a bad image of who they are. All the while, I am seeing beauty and strength as I look at them.
I truly believe that we all need to give ourselves a break way more often than we do. So the next time you have a negative thought of yourself, find a positive one to balance it out! Here is an example. Today, thanks to my forgetfulness, I am a retail Store out of bags, but I do have a new shipment of fabulous clothes. I left a mess in my house this morning, but I dropped two happy kids off at school. I am single and have no idea how to flirt or internet date, but I sure can write a blog about how to get ready for the perfect guy. I live in a small
Town, but I have a big life!! I'm not big on cooking, but I can grill a mean steak. I might forget to make the PTA meeting, but I got my kids to all their practices this week. You get the picture. I believe that we should be our own biggest fan. Yes, I can be a mess. Can't we all? Yes I can make mistakes, but I chalk
Them up to Lessons. Yes, I forget things, but I also remember a lot of things. I call
It progress not perfection. Perfect People don't exist unless they have made their self that way on their Facebook page. Stop trying to be perfect and just be YOU!! All the little quirks you have, the crazy things you say, the funny stories you tell, the mistakes you excel at , or the mess your hair can get are all things that people who love you LOVE about you!!! So as the song says.. Own it!!
If I don't love myself, if I don't embrace my wisdom, my big heart, my awkward flirting skills, my rambling mouth, my forgetfulness, my spontaneous ways, my messy house,(I do have a maid), or my short attention span, then I am denying myself true love!! I don't believe I can ever find or have true love if I am not in total true love with myself. Now what sucks about it right now Is I myself have a broken garbage disposal and a lot of high light bulbs and filters that need changing. So my little self love affair gives me no one to just help out with a honey do list, but I do have two awesome kids, a great house, a fun little store, and a little money in the bank today. I am doing it all alone and I'm very proud of that! Lord knows, I never thought I would even be capable of doing all
The things I do everyday. God has given me just what I need! So today I challenge you to own yourself, own your imperfections, and own your long list of all the great qualities you possess. For those of you singles like me, maybe you can teach me how you flirt, and I'll show you how to support yourself and be happy alone. Have a love affair with who you are and I have no Doubt if you are in a relationship it will improve! If you are like me and solo, then it's just getting you ready for the one God has for you. I've said this many times to people, "no one is perfect, but there is someone perfect for you and vice versa" Hang in, hold on, and own it!! Love yourself as much as we all

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