Overdressed is Always Best!!

So I just took a spur of the moment trip to the beach! My kids had a few more days of summer vacation, and I was coming off of tax free weekend so I decided to just hit the shore for one last hurrah! We headed down on Saturday. Each kid brought a friend. Lucky for me, my college roommate/sorority sister can roll as I do so she took off to spend one night and day with us. We spent all day Sunday soaking up the sun having some fun. Sadly, Our friends had to head back as the kids and I headed to dinner at one of our favorites! Afterwards they wanted to go to the Track, and being like a kid myself I eat that stuff up so we never skip the ride!! Now let me rewind back to the week before. I had a girl in here looking for an outfit to wear to a party. She was worried about being too dressed up. One of my favorite customers, Sarah Elizabeth was checking out, and she said it before I could get it out. "You can never be too overdressed." It is always better to be over than under!! Spoken from a frolic favorite and exactly what I believe!!! So I am walking around the track in my rocking wedges and super cute all
White outfit and I notice that most everyone there is wearing Nike shorts, tshirts, flip flops, etc. And yes, my feet did begin to hurt, but guess what? I wouldn't have it any other way!! I even took a selfie in the bathroom to document the occasion. I
Love clothes, and I love to look
Cute when I head out. So trust me when I say this.... Get dressed up, wear fun clothes, splurge on yourself. Stop saying .... I am
Too old to shop there or wear this or that! My Dad has an 80 year old girlfriend who owned a boutique for years and she dresses so hip and fun. She says, if you feel good in it, wear it!!!! Trust me. The yoga pants and Nike shorts are meant for the gym. The Capri pants need to be shelfeD, and shoes make or break an outfit so keep that in mind. The next time you go somewhere.... Overdress. Show your stuff!! Fall in love with your outfit! Take a selfie or some pictures and post them. If someone looks at you and says what is she thinking, then they are probably asking that cause they sure wish they could think that way!! The moral to this story is.... live it up and dress it up!!!! Come see us at frolic, we will get you ready to hit the town or in my case to rock the go cart track!

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