Out of the Box Valentines.

Well this Valentines Day came in and out with a boom. 7 days prior to the trip, my toll house cookie eating, hamburger and fries kind of friend decides to jump on board the clean eating wagon with myself. I have marveled at her metabolism for years. Who eats like that, doesn't like exercise, and still looks so good? Well that would be Amy!! So we begAn our day with the Perfect breakfast at one of our favorite spots, Mels Diner, and Amy sticks with it and orders an omelette skipping the toast. Throughout the day we passed multiple roadside stands selling flowers. I told Amy I thought I should just buy some for myself just for a photo opp. I just wanted to hold some roses.
After a day of basking in the convertible sun, We ended up at a super cool Mexican restaurant for dinner. It's called Velvet Margarita because it's literally surrounded in Velvet. This is a Very cool place to say the least! After eating another healthy choice for dinner, I call for uber. As We are awaiting the driver. A guy holding a dozen roses and a gift bag motions for us. He said his ex boyfriend was the manager in this restaurant and wanted me to deliver the gifts. I said, "of course I will." Here was my photo opp with the roses and to get to see the surprised look on his face receiving such a sweet gesture. So friends, you better watch what you wish for, you just might get it all. This excited giving guy shared a little of their history with me.
One of my favorite things in this lifeis to get a glimpse of people's stories because everyone has one. People end up telling me things that marvel me. I think it's just because I actually listen to people. When I ask someone how they're doing I really mean how are you doing and somehow I'm able to entice them in a conversation where they share a piece of their life with me. And it is a true blessing, and usually quite entertaining.
As you know, this trip was themed Live Like you are Dying in memory of Joyce, Amy's mom and boy did we live. The question is, Are you living?

So tell me What is something you have always wanted to do? What is something you wish you could wear? Is there a new haircut or color you want to try? Is there a trip you want to take? Ask yourself Am I waking up everyday and living like I am dying? Am I trying too hard to stay in the box? If you answered yes to the box, then break out baby!! Get out of there and live a little please. Jump out of the plane, take the plunge, move to the bigger and better city, wear the high heels, go with the new color, try the raw sushi, or sing and dance the night away on video.
We just spent three days in an awesome city living to the fullest as if we were dying. Amy and I took the top down in that hot silver convertible and we sang our hearts out. We videoed it and sent to our most loved friends. We embraced everyone we came in
Contact with. We danced at local
Hot spot after yet another fabulous meal. We acknowledged our blessings. We celebrated the gift of our lives. Once again toasting Joyce on a beautiful rooftop dressed from head to toe on Valentine Day amongst all
The lovebirds.
We felt the wind in our hair and engulfed the sunshine in our faces. We are going home different because of some of the people we met, songs we sang, and awakenings we had. We are taking all the love and laughter back with us to share with all of you. We are coming home to the people we love the most with even more energy and zest for life. If all we do is stay in our little boxes, our comfort zones, we never grow. There is a great big World out there calling your name. Listen and run to it!!!

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