Life's Ladder

I was having a conversation last night with a good friend about life's vertical ladder. If God created all of us in his image then this "ladder" shouldn't exist. Have you ever found yourself thinking you aren't good enough or like you are beneath certain people? Or maybe on the flip side, you look down on some people? Maybe you think you are better than them? Or maybe you worry about what other people will think if you are friends with this person? I believe we spend way too much time worrying about what others think than focusing on what God knows. God knows we are always good enough, and He also knows the same thing about anyone you may be questioning or judging. We are all created in his image. Regardless of our economic stAtus or education, we are all on a level playing field. I heard someone refer to themselves as an egotistical person with an inferiority complex. Sadly, I can honestly relate to this. This is a great way to describe the ladder. How many times in your life have you been high up on the ladder looking down on someone because they have messed up or maybe they simply just aren't living up to your standards? That my friends is your big fat ego and that ego edges God out. Or possibly you have found yourself at the bottom of the ladder, and you felt like you just aren't quite good enough? That would be the Inferiority complex which isn't His intention for you either.
Well friends, the solution is very simple. You take that ladder down and spread it out horizontally. You meet everyone in the middle. You recognize that we are all Gods children. Some of us have just been luckier than others. Some of us made our own luck. Some of us have been dealt some crappy cards. Some of us have made bad choices. We all have different circumstances in life. We all make mistakes. Mistakes don't define us, they are life's lessons. There will always be the days when we may feel less than and yes on occasion more than, but Just remember feelings aren't facts. Look to him for Your worth. Other people don't define us either.
Today I am just striving for balance on my lateral ladder. As long as I Am focusing on what God knows and what he shows me about others then the rest will just fall into place. I know better than to climb up on that ladder and I also know I have no business beneath it. Today I choose to see the good in everyone I meet. It doesn't mean I have to like everyone, but I can love them because they are one of Gods own.

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