Lessons in Love

My Mom taught me so much about love through the life she lived which was led by Love. She shared that love with everyone she met. To know her was to love her and she loved you back.
As I learned from her, I want to teach my children the same lessons about love. When someone gives you their heart, cherish it, value it, and respect it. My mom always said, material gifts are nice, but the greatest gift we can ever give someone is our true self which involves our hearts. For this to happen, we have to know, accept, and love who we are. We all have those people in our lives whom we basically play pretend with. We hide who we really are just to fit in or maybe just to get their approval. The only approval I should seek is Gods and my own. A wise friend just reminded me recently, what others think about me frankly Isn't my business. That in itself is quite freeing.
In the hopes my children learn this love lesson, I strive to show them how to value, love, and cherish their own hearts. I want them to value who they are. For when we value these things, we are less likely to be vulnerable to the hurt and pain that comes when love doesn't turn out our way. We are more likely to love without "strings attached". And more likely to accept its not Always about us. Love is not a noun. It isn't a word to be thrown around. Love is action. Love is kindness, truth, trust, honesty, communication, and it always prevails. Love can and will change people, relationships, and circumstances. Notice I said Love can change... I learned a long time ago I can't change anyone, but if I love myself, I can love another unconditionally expecting nothing in Return. I can love them through any trial they face, and that's really all I can do. I can love them enough to step back, I can love them enough to give them to a Loving God acknowledging he loves them far more than I ever could. I can simply just offer them a portion of myself and offer my hands and heart realizing I have to be ok if they don't accept it. I know, it's not easy but that's real love.
Once I asked my Dad about my mom and his relationship. He said to me, "I was so blessed because Sara Jo loved me with agape love (unconditional love), she never tried to change me. She made changes in herself as she loved me which in turn Led to me making changes because I wanted what she had." That my friends is the kind of love I want for my kids to find. Through all the ups and downs of my life, The love gone good, the love gone bad, I know with all my heart that the only way I can love someone in this way is that I love them through the grace of God. That is how my Mom did it. She gave it all to him. She loved through Him, with Him and in Him..In love and Life, things don't always work out, sometimes we loose the ones we love the most. It's going to hurt. There will be a lot of Pain, but I've learned it best to just go through it. If I allow myself to be angry or resentful because it's over, then I will suffer. We can't help who we love, we can't unlove them, but we can accept what it is and be grateful for what it was and let God determine what it will be. That love is always with us. It even stays with them. The deeper it is, the more they feel it. Love is always a gift, the greatest gift of all. It is said best in 1 Corinthians 13:7, 7 Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. So today I say to you just love. Love who you are, be grateful for loves lost, loves that remain, and strive to love and value yourself. Give people the gift of your true self, the beautiful soul God created in his image. Value and Cherish the hearts in your life for they come from God, and what a good giving God he is.

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