Know Your Worth

It is one thing to know you are worthy of all the great things in life, and it is an even bigger thing to believe it by truly knowing your worth and not accepting less than the best. I see lots of young women daily at frolic, and I had one in this past week that really inspired this piece. Now picture a super cute, tall, newly tanned, young girl with a killer smile and great legs. She was in with two of her friends. They brought up how Neither of them liked her on again off again boyfriend. They were currently off. So here's what I know, if your friends and family don't like him, there is good reason. They just love you and want the best for you. So listen to them, and look into what they say. As for these on and off relationships, there is a reason it's that way and nine times out of ten there is chaos and drama. Keep in mind here that insanity is doing the same things and expecting a different result. The real deal here is we can't change anyone, nor should we allow someone to change us. If I can't accept someone or a relationship exactly how it is, I need to end it instead of hoping... This time it will be different. If being with someone makes me feel bad or sad then I definitely need to walk away. Relationships are suppose to build you up, not tear you down, and if there is both going on then that's Not good either. I call those the extreme relationships. It's either I love you and can't live without you or I hate you, get away from me. Thats clearly unhealthy and you deserve someone who just loves you at all times and treats you how you deserve!!! You deserve balance. Yes people argue but not in that way. Think about how you feel when you are with this person. Don't let your mind tell you it's something it's not. This particular girl said he is a jerk but he loves me. Well, Anyone can tell you they love you. But the right person will show you they love you. Love isn't off and on. Love is unconditional and it feels good. It is more than words. It's action. Love shares, love is intimate, love is all knowing, love is communication and honesty, love embraces the good and accepts the bad, love is patient and kind, love supports your choices, love is a sense of reason, love is taking you on the town, it makes your feel
Special and beautiful. So if someone just says they Love you, ask yourself do they act like they love me? It's pretty simple to tell. I've seen so many women struggle with their worth. Myself included. Women who try to convince someone to love them, women who wonder why they are not enough, Women who struggle with being alone, Women who just want someone to love them and they tolerate too much just because "he loves them". These women are meant to be with someone who gives them what they deserve. I have no doubt God has someone handpicked for all these women. As for me, I have learned to just let life happen and as long as I know my worth, as long as I know what I deserve then I can't go wrong. Every mistake is a lesson. Every relationship is a blessing that gives you growth. Everyone that comes into your life, comes, stays, or goes for a reason. Just be careful not to hang onto those relationships that are not meant to hang onto. And always believe You more than enough. Anyone who doesn't feel that way isn't the right one for you. Trust me..... Rejection is Always Gods protection. So, know your worth, believe you are worthy and guess what? When the tiMe is right, Mr. Right will appear.

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