Keeping it Simple

A good friend of mine has often said to me, “Nothing worth having is easy.” Well, the more life I live, the more battles and victories I face, I find this to be a true statement.  One might say that easy and simple are synonymous, but I agree to disagree. In my experiences, something can be simple, but not necessarily easy. The good news here is all the things I believe are worth having are actually simple in a sense,  but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to maintain or acquire them. THe right things or the right people are not always easy. In today’s world there is a lot of “low hanging fruit” and that is the easy stuff, but in the long run that “low hanging fruit “ may not be what is really right for us. As many of you know, I have ventured into the dating app world. It is full of low hanging fruit!  People who literally throw themselves at you. If you ever been on one of these, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you have never had to do one then consider yourself lucky! There are the men who tell you everything you want to hear like how beautiful you are and how they think you might be the one. Because everyone knows u recognize the love of ur life by her profile photo and a short bio. Yeah right! You might as well tell me my prince will show up on a white horse.  That’s equally as likely!! And I hear the low hanging fruit for the men is in full abundance. I recently had a very insightful conversation with a guy who is also on the dating apps. Apparently women Are very forward in the dating app world. They ask men out, text frequently, and are quick to send provocative pictures. This makes it a lot more difficult for someone like me who actually has a value system and chooses not to throw myself at anyone. My Mom told me at a young age not to call boys, go in their rooms, or ask them out.   I still believe in chivalry and know there are great men out there who have similar value systems and aren’t afraid to pursue a woman. Men are designed to be pursuers. I recognize there has to be give and take there, but it isn’t my place to take on the roles of a Good man. Today I choose to keep it simple by just striving daily to be the best woman I can be, to accept things turn out exactly as they should when I keep my hands off and let men be men and me be me. I have zero doubt the right people are simple. It should be fun to get to know someone and it should take some time without drama or big complications. I’ve learned that timing has a lot to do with it, and I know that what other people think, say, or do has nothing to do with me. So if you are like me, and out in the dating app world, keep it simple and stay true to yourself. Trust that God has Someone for you and it’s most likely not going to be low hanging fruit falling at your feet. Good things take time and effort. Expect to be disappointed, surprised, and wowed, and never forget every one of us is doing the best we can with what we’ve got. Hang in, hold on and trust me, I believe your right swiping days will be worth it in the end. The right swipe is out there people and although it may not be easy, it will be simple!!!  


  • Tidwell

    I thank the heavens every day that I skipped past the online dating phase; However, clearly I encouraged my sister to do it. (I’ve always been mischevious at heart). I have had so much fun laughing at her expense (with her of course). She’s had selfies sent from prison, obviously love at first sight, and the gross creatures who believe that women want to see a mans junk on a phone (please men…. Don’t! Just DONT!). With all that said, it is the new way of dating. If I think back at all the bottom hanging fruit that threw themselves at my feet (well let’s just say that if I had saved all the seeds I would have an orchard by now), I probably would have given up way earlier than I did. Good things come to those who wait! Not idle, the fish are not gonna jump in the boat with you, but patiently pursuing your dreams! Sis is still navigating, and I’m still laughing with her, and who knows what comes next? Surprises are just around the corner! (As an old married woman…. that’s not a bad thing ladies!)

  • Sandra Gertz

    This is oh so true!! Keeping your values will never disappoint you. :). Been there. Still there.

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