It's Not About You

I really don't believe in coincidences. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. On occasion, my ego fools me into thinking these things are about me, but a few years ago I realized not everything that happens to me or around me is about me at all. Most of the time it's bigger than that!! What other people say or do rarely has anything to do with me.
I recently had a conversation with a sorority sister from college whom has an interest in my new group starting soon. She had been talking (mostly texting) with this guy (player) for a couple months. He had even driven a couple hours to take her to dinner. Like a total sweetheart, She also helped him pick out a new backsplash for his kitchen. They had plans to go to her work Christmas party. But out of the blue he just drops out of her world. He easily could have manned up and told her this wasn't going to work for him, but he Didn't. He just left her wondering what went wrong and if he was ever going to reply or text again.
Well come to find out he had actually made plans to drive 2 hours in the opposite direction to take yours truly out to dinner the same night as her party, and he stopped talking to her to get to know me. Small world? Yes!! Coincidence that I mentioned his name to her? No! Now, I only talked and texted with him a couple weeks before he did the same thing to me. Just vanished!! It's probably because we didn't send provocative pictures. This was about him , not us!! But why do so Many women wonder if something is wrong with them when this happens. Now if u r being a psycho stalker and obsessed texting constantly then u most likely need to look in the mirror, but if u are just being your dear healthy self then trust me it's not you!!!
My friend is indeed a beautiful precious woman and I am quite the catch myself. Like I told her... Rejection is always Gods protection even though it Does suck to just get dropped like that.
I have learned to not to expect anything from people, but I do have high standards. Expectations just set one up for resentments or disappointment. Sometimes I wonder how these jerk men will feel when someone does something like this to their daughter.
The point of the story is that we as women have to love ourselves enough to see our own value and our worth. We also have to have to realize that not every date or texting situation is going to turn into something. There are going to be people who simply won't ever call or reply again. People who don't ask you out a second time. Then there will be the ones you had a good time with, and you think he is a gentleman until the next day he says he wants to see you naked. True story!! Lovely huh?? Please promise yourself not to let any of this bring you down. Don't let any of this make you feel like you aren't enough because you are more than enough. Just Let go.. Walk away because One day someone will walk into your life and meet your standards. He will call u for a second date. He won't ask you for naked pictures, he might just ask you to just go paddle boarding instead, and he will be a real gentleman and appreciate the catch you are. All these crazy things happen to get you where you need to be. God is going to put people in your life for the reasons you need them not necessarily why you think they are there or why you want them to be around. Like I said it's not always about you. It could even be because Those people may simply need you for some reason. Some of these people may love you, amaze you, influence you, or maybe even break your heart into tiny pieces. But, you have to trust that it is all part of his plan. Take what happens with grace, dignity, and acceptance. We can't change his plans and when we try, it keeps us from getting where or with who he wants us to be!! I have found that it's all about perspective. Perspective changes everything. A good positive attitude changes everything. Faith changes everything. Knowing your worth changes your life! So today I say love big, take chances, put yourself out there, welcome those who come, let go of those who leave with dignity, and look forward to what's coming. God has it all mapped out already. All you've got to do is follow his lead and realize it's not always about you. You my dear are fabulous!!

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