It's NOT about YOU!!

So have you ever been so frustrated when someone said to you, "it's not you, it's me." I Know I have. I have even gone as far as having a down right pity party by thinking to myself, why am I
Not enough? What Is wrong with me? Even though they just said it wasn't me! Newsflash!! I am
More than enough, and nothing is wrong with me! In these situations, it really isn't about you!! So No reason to get so bent out of shape! Two good people can go out, but they simply just may not be right for each other. I promise you this, Rejection is always Gods protection. Something better for you is coming!!! So stop trying to force it!!
I also believe What people say to you, say about you, or put you through isn't about you either. That is also about them. It could be about their wants, needs, issues, desires, or simply just about who and what they are. I have always believed that what someone says about another individual defines them not thE person they are speaking about.
I will never Forget the first time I was upset with someone about something they had done or not done, and they said to me, " it's not about you" I was floored thinking to myself. What do you mean it's not about me? Of course it is... You did this and that and that and Blah blah blah. Yes they did, but it wasn't to hurt me it was simply because it was what they wanted to do. It was their choice, and hence my choice to make it about myself. This was the beginning of the end of my great big ego. Otherwise known as Edging God Out. It was when I started to realize not everything that happens around me or even to me is about me. It's my big ego that wants to believe it is! Everyone is running their own race in this life. Everyone has their own issues, bad days, times they don't feel like talking or seeing you. Everyone goes through stuff! Life isn't easy. So I choose to make my life, my issues, my stuff about me. I am going to let the other people in my life deal with their own stuff. So trust me when I tell you, if he doesn't call, if she seems distant, if things don't go according to your plan,  Get rid of your ego. It's edging God out. Let HIM validate or reassure you, and then Let you be about you, and him or her be about him or her. Trust me, if you do this, then your time together whether it be a romance, friendship, sibling, or a parent, the relationship will be far better! No one can make you feel anything unless you allow them to! It really isn't about you unless you choose to make it!!!

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