It Begins with YOU!

Once upon a time there was this little girl born in Virginia who moved to a small
Southern town at the age of 6. Her Mom was separated from her Dad, and her moms family lived in that small town. She said goodbye to her best friend Lacey and her Dad and watched out of the back of the station wagon window as she drove away from her father and friend. She got to the small town and made some new friends. She missed her Dad but he visited as often as he could make the 16 hour drive. Her Mom was strong and she made the little girl feel safe. Her mom was kind and loving and loved the Lord. So this little girl followed in her footsteps. 2 years later she got what all kids whose parents split up want. They got back together. They spent the next 24 years happily ever after. They loved each other like they do in the fairy tales until the day he held her hand as she died. He kissed her forehead and said she is no longer here, but she was a part of him. She was in his heart and a love like that never dies!!
But a few years later that little girl began to wonder why her story was so different. Where was her fairy tale? How do you grow up in that kind of love and never find it? She was divorced with two young kids. She had never found anyone who loved her like that. Although she had this huge heart and loved in such big ways. She always found herself trying to fix someone. She didn't seem to like the good ones. For some crazy reason she thought that was what she needed to do. Now keep in mind, her Dad had really messed up those years ago. That 6 year old little girl could remember that her dad had misbehaved, but she knew he was such a good man. For it is a fact there is a bit of bad in the best of us and a bit of good in the worst of us.
So one gutsy night, she finally asked her dad to tell her what happened during those two years. Because in that little girls eyes, her kind loving mom had changed her Dad. That's why he came back. That's why they lived happily ever after. That's why she was looking for someone to fix but didn't realize it yet.

So her dad says this to her.... For the first part of our marriage I was a handful. Keep in mind these two were high school sweethearts.   I did things I shouldn't have done. I did something that hurt your mother enough that we separated, and it got to the point that she chose to leave to go back home. He said she put a sign in the yard of the house, sold it, loaded you kids up and headed south. He let them go because he knew he was wrong. So She said, did she beg you to change? Did she tell
You what to do? Now pay close attention  to this,  because it's the point of the whole story!!! He said no! That was the beauty of it all. Your mom loved me with agape love(unconditional love)! She never tried to change me or tell
Me what to do.

He tells the girl, "Your mom found a church she loved in That little town, she found a Better way of life from this three day weekend that changed her and gave her more strength,and grew her relationship with God in big ways. God became all
She needed."  He said when he visited he began to see changes in her. It made him want to change. So he did!! He began attending that church and even went to that weekend himself, and the rest is happy history.
They didn't live happily ever after because she changed him or made him
A better person. They lived happily ever because she changed herself.  At that moment the little girl realized how she had just interpreted it all wrong. She was just a little girl who didn't really understand what all happened. How could she? She just wanted love like that so she tried to find it the way she thought her mom got it. That little girl had been choosing men who needed to be fixed in
Hopes she could write her own fairy tale by changing him into the prince. Yes it sounds crazy, but She finally realized the only author of her fairy tale is God. Her thinking had to change and she knew how to do it. Simply Let go and Let Him change it! So she did and he came through for her in more ways than one. He became all she needed. Therefore she will have her own happily ever after. 

As much as we all want to believe we can change or fix someone we love, it is impossible. But it is possible to change ourselves and when we change ourselves then those around us may begin to change if they are willing and Want to. My moms favorite verse was All things are possible with Christ. That's the key my friends. To believe we can change another human is really crazy, but we can bring God into it by giving this person to them, getting out of his way, and just watching what he does. He can and will change you and the ones you love if you let him.
Every little girl dreams of her fairy tale prince, and every little girl deserves to be loved like crazy with that kind of love that never dies. It's out there for all of us.  As crazy as it may sound, it's really not something you can go out and find nor manipulate your way into it. It sure isn't possible to turn that the boy who cheated, lied to you or takes advantage of you into one. If someone doesn't cherish you, you cannot make them nor should you want top.  You are worthy of so much more!! And if someone you love is abusing alcohol or drugs. Trust me You can't fix that either!!! But, you can change yourself and the way you handle it!! It all begins with you!!! When you change, everything around you changes!!! 

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