Is he into you??

Are you tolerated or are you celebrated? Why is it that so many of us settle? I have been privileged to teach group fitness classes for the past 9 years. One of my participants happens to be my high school Algebra teacher. Now let me go ahead and create her picture for you. She was the "hot" teacher at Coffee High School back in my day. She didn't take crap, but she was liked by her students. We immediately hit it off when I moved back to Florence post divorce, and began taking aerobic classes then started teaching. I was back in a place that now I know to be even harder than I realized at the time. Single mom, two young kids, hoping to meet Mr. Right. Yes, and he would save us all. Ha ha ha. The fact that I even thought that way then makes me giggle a little. There are other blogs on that subject. Long story short, I Saved myself. I never dated much. Where would I find the time with 2 kids, a new business , and the classes I was teaching. So I am going to share with you what Sara, the algebra teacher, I now get to call by her first name, said to me once. Listen becAuse every saying human needs to hear it. I was telling her about this nice looking attorney that a friend set me up with. She asked a few questions, and I answered them with things like this. No, he doesn't call me. He just texts. Well, he is just really busy. He doesn't have much time to see me. She looks at me and says Christy, he's clearly not that into you!! If a man wants to see you, he finds the time. If he really likes you, he calls and talks to you. She said you need to go and get the book, He's just not that into You and read it. So guess what? I did! And I've read it many times. The movie doesn't do the book justice. If you are dating, if you have a young daughter about to start dating or she is currently dating. Buy a copy for both of you. Read this book!! Put it by your bed, then read it again. If a guy likes you, he will celebrate you by making you a priority. We are all busy people. We all have full plates. Never allow yourself to be tolerated. Choose people who celebrate you! Date the guy that is into You and read the book to verify this or join me for a class, and I'll introduce you to Sara! She can be the judge. Oh and see if u can guess which one she is!!! Still HOT!  


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  • April Comperchio

    I really needed this today ! I admire you more then you will ever know .

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