Inside Out

I was in Birmingham this past weekend and drove  by the first house I purchased. At that time, I thought my  life was going according to plan and I had it all right. I was living in the “right” zip code in  a desirable neighborhood with sidewalks and no lie we even had a white picket fence with a Mercedes in the driveway.  We looked like the perfect family on the outside however things are rarely  how they seem. Inside we were a mess. This really got me thinking about the difference in outsides and insides! Today I strive to make my insides match my outsides, and at that time in my life I was striving for my insides to match everyone else outsides. In today’s world of social media, we are constantly seeing everyone’s outsides and their perfect lives as they appear in their latest post. We hear how wonderful someone’s husband is for making dinner or the flowers he surprises her with, how Sally Sues kid just made a 36 on the ACT, and how lucky Billy Bob is to be married to his soul mate! We see all the trips they take and the best of the  best! A lot of people never have a blemish or a flaw and even look 20 pounds skinnier because they have an app to perfect them. Things simply are not always As they seem so before you compare your life to anyone else’s, keep in mind that there isn’t a human alive living a perfect life! Most everyone I know has Something! Here is a little food for thought, what if someone gave you the chance to throw all your “problems” in  a pot with a group of your Facebook friends and then everyone was to reach in and pull out another problem! Would you do it? I sure wouldn’t! Why not? Because although I know there are those people who have it better than me, there are way more people who have it worse! I am healthy, my kids are healthy! I have great friends, a resourceful mind, and a loving God who never ceases to amaze me. I look at someone like Jessica Davenport who is fighting and fundraising like crazy to save not one but two of her children and she is doing it with such dignity, grace and determination. I look at a 40 year old Mother who is dying and will never see her daughter walk  down the isle. I see someone who is battling an addiction they can’t beat and the loves ones of that person who are desperately trying to save them when in reality they can’t do one thing but get out of the way which seems impossible for them. So I will keep my problems because guess what? If they are my problems then God will give me the solutions. I don’t have to like my problems, but I have to accept them. TOday  I choose to be grateful for the life I have! Is it easy? Lord no! Is it fabulous? Of course it is! No one ever promised  us a perfect life, but we r promised perfect help if we are willing to let God help us! Today I challenge you to look at your insides! Do they mAtch  your outsides? Are you living your life and being grateful for all the gifts you have? I know it looks like Sally Sue has the perfect hot husband and the smartest athletic successful kids and they have a perfect life, but chances are if Sally Sue threw her problems in that pile, I bet you would keep the cards you have been dealt! After all it’s not what you get my friends, it’s how  you play the hand! If you are Lucky enough to have two parents in your household to split bills, stress, pick ups, and household duties, maybe you help out a single parent and you cut them Some slack when they aren’t Johnny on the spot with the group me texts! If you find yourself with few Financial struggles  or healthy kids, then donate some money to a mother and father trying to save their kids lives.  If you have never known the pains of alcoholism or addiction, don’t judge! Be kind and caring.  If you are grateful for all the gifts in your life, and are happy and you know it, then friends simply show it and share that happiness with others! Be grateful! Life is not about the circumstances we find ourselves in, life is about how we take the good, bad, and the ugly and make the best out of it! Get out of yourself and help someone else and I promise you will be rewarded far more than the ones you help and never forget you are beautiful and wonderfully mAde on the inside and the outside!! God made you that way. 


  • Camil McConnell

    Thanks for being REAL Karen.

  • Karen

    Love this , so true. You are a gifted writer.

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