Hope, Soar, Run, and Walk

My granddaddy was straight up just a good southern man. He loved to tell stories, he loved his wife and his church. He literally came home everyday to eat lunch with my Grandmom and together they ate as they watched As the World Turns. He repeated himself often, probably because he talked so much. This was a man who lost his wife and 33 year old son all in a years time. His son was murdered and no one ever even found a clue to bring to justice the Person who did it. I often remember him saying over and over , God won't ever give me more than I can bear. I believe this was true for him. Yet, there are family's I hear about, people I know, and friends of mine that I have often thought to myself. Wow! God must think these people are gladiators because it seems like too much. What I have found in almost every one of these situations, these amazing people always find a way to glorify God through the sadness, the tragedy, or the long periods of the unknown. So I believe my grandad was right, but I prefer to say... God won't put anything on you that you cant bear As long as you have him with you every step of the way. One of my all time favorite books is called Tracks of a Fellow Struggler by John Claypool. It is a book anyone and everyone should read because eventually we will
All go through some sort of loss. He was a baptist preacher turned Episcopal Priest whom I had the privilege to actually attend his church for a brief period. He lost his young daughter to Leukemia, and the book is basically the sermons he preached throughout her diagnosis, remission, reoccurrence, then her death. One of my favorite parts in the book is where he talks about my favorite verse in the bible... Isaiah 40:31 but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. The way he talked about this verse hit home With me sooo much. Notice the first part is about hope. So he tells us here hope will renew our strength. I believe there are times where we are all flying. Life is good as we soar. Things are definitely going our way. Then there are the times where we are just so busy running. I can really related to this as a 10 year veteran single mom. I feel like I just run all
The time. There are so many ups and downs raising and supporting kids on your own and I give all the glory to God for giving me what I need to keep going to keep running. Then there are those times when all we can do is walk and not faint. Those families we all know, the parents I have watched loose young children, the children who have lost mothers or fathers, the men or women who have lost the spouse they love, the friends I know whose loved ones are battling brain injuries or cancer, or the newly single divorcee with or without kids. Those are not the times God expects us to fly. No one could fly through these kind of things but he is there to keep these loved ones or us just walking. He keeps us  from fainting when we let him. I feel like I have Been beyond blessed with two healthy children and friends and family who are there for me when I come close to fainting. God will send angels when needed, and when, notice I said when, not if we fall, he will pick us back up. I have fallen more than once, but God is always there.. Angels are there. Life isn't easy. Marriage isn't easy. Raising kids isn't easy. But God doesn't promise us an easy life yet he does promise us that he will be there through it all. So as my good old Papa Joe use to say, "God won't put on you more than you can bear," and I add as long as you bring HIM with you every step of the way. One of my favorite parts of the book is that John Claypool says he knows he Isn't suppose to ask why. He knows that our children are all
Gifts From him. So he chose to grieve With gratitude. He chose to focus on the gift his daughter was rather than her loss. But he also said, and I have even heard him
Say it in a sermon. God sure has a lot to account for. The day I heard John had passed away, all I could think about was the greeting from his daughter as he approached heavens gate.
Trust me friends, this book is perspective changing and an easy beautiful read. Since the day I read it, I have chosen to be grateful for what I had/have instead of always focusing on what I lost or what I don't have. He giveth and he taketh away, and what I have seen others go through seems unbearable, but I know it isn't because I have watched others get through it with Gods pure grace. I have seen these people an myself Been one to soar, run, and walk and it happens because we hope and trust in Him. Sometimes you just have to trust that peace that passes all understanding. Some things just can't be understood or explained. Today I challenge you to check out this book and I am certain it will bless you as much as it has me! Tracks of a Fellow Struggler By John Claypool.

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