Here's to Joyce

As I sit at LAX awaiting my flight to Nashville to return home, One word comes to mind... Lucky!!! Amy and I took this trip in memory of her Mom who died way too young. I am literally 5 years shy of the age she was when her life was cut way too short. From the moment, the trip started I knew it was going to be one for the books.
Of course, I Forgot to do the Early check in so I was the last one on the plane, but somehow I ended up with the best seat on the aircraft. Front row Window with a Vacant spot next to me and lots of leg room. And the clouds were unusually even more beautiful. Lucky? Yes!
As Soon as we landed, we hit the ground running! It just felt right to rent a convertible, so We did!! Great choice by the way. The best price was from Fox so I took it!! I think every other rental car bus drove by me 10 times. I was getting a little frustrated until they finally pulled up with a driver who immediately changed my attitude with his contagious happy spirit. Now if you know me, you won't be surprised to hear that I learned he is a photographer and more of an artist than a business person. He charged my phone since it was dead, and He complimented my raspy southern accent and even called me a fox, knowing he must use that line with all the ladies, I loved it!
To make a long story short, we ended up with our car after a few checkout issues. The convertible We wanted was going to be more! It was suppose to be the mustang next to it, but The dude says, Just jump in and get out of here fast before my manager sees me giving you this one. I know right... lucky then luckier!!! 2017 silver Camaro convertibles totally rock and boy do they get up and go.
So we check into our favorite hotel on Sunset Blvd, get all dolled up and head to Boa steakhouse. We toasted Joyce, Amy's mom and we both had a $100 meal that was worth every penny. Lucky? No doubt!!
Joyce was a single Mom like myself. Amy always came first. She gave her a world of love, life, and happiness. There are many kinds of single parents, but the ones like Joyce never look back. They focus on giving their children the best life with what they have got. The Joyce's of the world realize that one healthy loving parent is enough. They recognize it is hard, and many times They sacrifice their own personal lives to maintain stability. Joyce's don't run out looking for someone to save them. Joyce's save themselves and guess what? Their children learn how to do the same and are saved as well.
It's not easy being a single parent. As a matter of fact, it's most likely the hardest thing I've ever done, but from day one, it has been so simple. Is it really that hard to love your kids with all your heart? No that's simple! Is it hard to support them on your own? Well of course it is, but it's simply just what you have to do. Is it hard to be alone? Well heck yeah it is, but I never wanted to bring men in and out of their lives. So I haven't! Again not easy, but simple.
Newsflash... one way or another every parent messes up their kids. It's inevitable. Sorry to disappoint Those of you who think you are the perfect parent. You aren't, but you are perfect for your kids. Mistakes are lessons and lessons are life!!! We are all products of our upbringing good or bad.
So today, I ask you to raise your glasses with me to Joyce and all those who walk her shoes. I ask you to look around you, and be aware of the single mom who doesn't answer every group text or make it to work the concession stand. Recognize the kick butt job she is doing and tell her. My dear friend Amy has always been my biggest cheerleader as a single mom since she was raised by such a great one. As we parted ways to head to two different airports. She said to me, "Christy, you are truly a mom like mine was, You have raised these kids on your own and "killed it". What a compliment. So Heres to you Joyce and all the Joyce's before and after you. Keep loving living, and please Stay tuned. This was just day one!! It kept getting better.


  • Tara

    I’ve known Amy since elementary school. Joyce was a Graceful and Caring mom and always had a beautiful smile on her face. I proudly toast Joyce!!

  • VICKIE Gordon

    Joyce was an awesome woman and mother she did an outstanding job raising my beautiful niece, you are a great friend to her Christy.

  • Brandi

    I know Amy and knew her awesome mom and I gladly toast her! And if Amy says you are like her then a toast to you too! I love that girl!

  • BRandy BLanton

    ❤️ you are an amazing woman! Your love and strength is contagious!

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