Hello 46

Every year on my birthday I write a blog that commemorates the previous year and some of the things I have observed or learned.  As I turn 46 today, I look back on last year and I can honestly say I am glad it is over. Although I had countless blessing at age 45, I’m ready for a new chapter to begin! If you know me, you know that I am a survivor, but I do my best to live like crazy!!  I have often said that one of my favorite things about my 14 year old daughter is how she dives into life!! Whatever she does, she does it with all she has got!!  One of my dear Friends told me once  that our children get the best  of us and make it even better!! I believe This to be 100 % truth!!  There is no doubt she got her “diving” from me!! I feel like life is meant to be lived, and I try to enjoy every aspect, person, place or thing that graces my presence!! But, when I “grow up” I hope I can Be as consistent as Maddox is in this area. Although for now,  I am giving it all I’ve got!!! I have no doubt that this next year, my word is going to be  balance. I feel as if on some days I am either going at 0 or 100. This is something I can work on!! Life is not easy people, and anyone who makes it look that way, kudos to them but I’m not buying it. Most of us are over here doing whatever we  can to juggle it all meanwhile we  are doing a kick butt job and don’t even give ourselves credit where it’s due.


I don’t know about you, but I have this crazy notion that I need to be perfect!! The perfect size, the perfect fitness class, the perfect store, the perfect website, the perfect clothes with the perfect shoes, and the list goes on and on and guess what? I am so far from perfect this is honestly comical! Yet, the way I am is what makes me who I am! So no I am nowhere near perfect but who wants to hang out with a perfectionist? Not me!!! Wouldn’t that be boring? Even Brad Paisley agrees with his song Moments as it says “ I know shes not perfect but she tries so hard for me

And I thank God that she isnt 'cause, how boring would that be?

Its the little imperfections, its the sudden change in plans

When she misreads the directions and were lost but holding hands”


Here is what I know, it’s about progress not perfection!!!! Life is all about living and learning!! Clearly, life is too short to strive for perfection!!!! I believe if we are suiting up and showing up daily for life and striving to simply be the best people we can be then guess what?  We are killing it!! Embrace your imperfections, celebrate your triumphs and changes, be gentle with yourself and others, and dive into life as much as you can. Press play and go!!!! Its those imperfections that set us apart. Last year was not a year for the books. I closed the door on my store, and I went  through another year of dating disasters, but on one hand I made a new friend that has helped me see things in myself I didn’t see before which has led me to find a new career path. Im tired of being single but this girl refuses to settle!!! I’m making all kinds of changes in my world and that takes courage!!! I’m evolving and for this I am grateful!!!  So today I challenge you to dive into your life!!  Love and live to the fullest!!  Don’t miss out on great things that are right in front of you!  If a door is closing, shut it! If there is a open door in front of you then for crying out Loud, walk in and own the place!!!  Sometimes the very things we need are right in front of us and we fail to see the forest for the trees!!  Keep your eyes open, keep doing you in the best ways and when you see  me do me a favor!! Simply ask me how those changes are coming along and how that balance stuff is going for me. Happy 46 to me and happy day to all of you!! As always take what you like and leave the rest!!

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