Heartbreaks make Healthy Hearts

Almost all us know how much heartbreak hurts. I had my first heartbreak at age 15. My boyfriend dumped me for a fellow cheerleader. To make it worse I just had my wisdom teeth removed. It was gut wrenching. As my Mom consoled me, she said "Christy your happiness should never come from another person. Others should only add to it." Needless to say, this was probably the best advice I was ever given, but it didn't really sink in for some reason.

I was always the girl who loved big. If you know me at all, you know I have a HUGE heart. If you knew my Mom or know my Dad , you know I got it honest. I use to be one of those people with a sign on my forehead that said... Heart easily broken. One of my friends, God rest his soul, once told me that I had a blessing and a curse. He said, I had the ability to just love people where they are. Well now I actually get what he meant by the double sided gift. When people are in Ruts, when they are broken or healing, when they are struggling in their own lives, this is not the time to fall in love with them nor is it the time to try and get them to fall
For you. Why? Well because they are not in a place to love you back. Now they will love what you do for them! They may even proclaim to everyone how good you are for them. But, do you want to be with someone who appreciates how good you are for them? Or do you want to be with someone who just appreciates you and all your awesome qualities? Do you want to have a boyfriend that is capable of loving you how you deserve or do u want to have a boyfriend that needs you to be good for him? It's your choice. Some people like to be needed. I use to be one of them. Now I would find it exhausting for someone to need me. Want me please, but need me not!!

I just had another beautiful girl come in to get a rocking outfit becUse she just went through a breakup. We have all done it. We buy a great outfit and try to show him what he lost or make him jealous. In my day, you had to try to run into him. These days you just simply post it. So here's the real deal, If he didn't recognize it when he was with you, chances are he won't recognize it now!! Honestly girls, go out and buy the outfit as a celebration of yourself. Now I know that sounds crazy, but I can honestly say that heartbreaks are some of the best things that will ever happen to you. They suck! They hurt  and they are tough to get through, but they help you redefine you if you let them.

So what are we celebrating and how do you let it help redefine you? We are celebrating that you are going to take your broken heart and put it back together by yourself. You are going to make it even stronger and you are going to see yourself in a different light. You most definitely aren't going to find some other guy to fill your void or make the last guy jealous. You are going to be grateful for the time you had with the very one who broke your heart because he was there for a reason. You are going to get over it and come through with shining colors because you are beautifully and wonderfully made! Guess what? If you never experience heartbreak, how will your heart know when it finds the one? Heartbreaks strengthen your soul. They help you set boundaries and if you do them right, like Me you may begin to realize that your mom was right! There isn't a human on this earth that should be responsible for your happiness but yourself. You will need some help getting here. I find that God is the key here! Let him guide you back to that heavy beating heartbeat.

You may even find that you built your heart back too strong. Like you have a wall there. Well guess what? It's way easier to break down a wall than it is to build one. So trust that the right person will open your heart and then you can choose to love again or not. God may just put someone in your life for a brief period just to wake you back up and get you back out there. Trust me here. He has a plan and he wants you to get where you are meant to be.

So today I say to all my heartbroken friends, hang in, hold on, embrace who you are, celebrate your beauty, and for your hearts sake please don't go looking for Love too soon! The right kind will find you if you let it happen with a healed healthy heart. And guess what people? Healthy hearts don't lie to you!!!


  • LRC

    Well said and beautifully written, you make my heart smile even when I’m at a sad point! True inspiration !

  • Next Door Neighbor

    Beautifully said and “AMEN SISTER!”

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