Go ahead....Stitch it up!!!

So let me ask you an honest question, if your child or your best friend needed stitches, would you tell them not to worry with it and just stick a band aid on it? Well, I hope not because it will pretty much heal back all Jacked up or if it's really bad, some infection might even arise. Who knows they might even loose the limb or that part of the body. Clearly, if one needs stitches, they need to face the music and get that baby stitched up. Of course you know this blog isn't going to be about some sort of medical advice here, but it is going to be about the difference in stitches versus band aids in life in general especially relationships. So let's pick an imaginary person here.. Let's call her Pearl since she is just like all of you reading this... A complete jewel. Pearl has been in a long term relationship. Pearl could have any scenario, the person she was with is really irrevelant  here. Pearl may have lost the love of her life. She may have dumped or been dumped by a cheating liar. Pearl may have even mutually decided with this person that they just weren't right for each other. The point here is that Pearl has suffered some sort of a loss and pearl needs stitches. Now, I know that we have all been there. We think the best way to get over someone is to go out with someone else. That way we forget about the person we are having such a hard time getting over, the jerk that hurt you, or simply the mutual decision to split never really never gets a second thought. Like maybe why you chose someone you weren't compatible with. I just think in the circumstance it's a good time to look long and hard in the mirror and figure out exactly what you want or why you were in this relationship. Or maybe u just need to grieve, stitch, then heal! If not, The other person becomes the band aid, and yes it's going to make it easier. You will forget about that other person or who knows you might even find someone who is a really big band aid and they nurse you through the break up. That my friends could be even worse especially for the big band aid. That person isn't falling for you, they are falling for what you are doing for them. You can argue and I'm
Certain there may be some exceptions to the rule but I
Haven't seen one yet. If you are the one using the band aid, you are not giving yourself time to really heal. Trust me when I say this.... The only way to get through the pain and get over it to truly move on is to face it head on. When we try to fix something hurting us on the inside with someone or something on the outside it is only temporary relief. I have found that the key to really getting over something or someone is to heal. As I said earlier, stitch that baby up. Look at yourself closely. Learn how to love yourself again without this person. Learn how to live without them and then learn to be happy without them. Learn how to be happy just by yourself. The key here is acceptance. Accepting that all is how it should be. Trust Me here. The only significant person here Is you and the stitches you need. Some of us need more than others. But be sure you properly Let the wounds heal. Let God fill your void. Find others who have been in your shoes. Go dancing with your friends. Sing loudly in the car. Cry as often as you feel like it. Feel the pain. Hit it head on. Let it break you, then God will rebuild you. God will put someone in your life in his time. In proper time. In a time when you are ready. It may not be what you want, but it's going to be what you need. You may ask yourself... What does she know? Well I know that I have been the band aid, and I have gone through a few band aids and guess what?? It didn't work for me or the others involved. It wasn't until I took everyone out of my equation and I sucked it up, got stitches and let them heal, that my whole life changed. To rely on anyone other than God or myself for happiness or healing is simply crazy for me now. I am truly happy single and I have no Doubt that in is time, I'll meet the right person. And as always my friends.. Take what you like and leave the rest. All I can speak from is my own experiences.  

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  • Larry Thomas

    What an inspirational message. A well written message that speaks the truths of rebuilding ones soul.

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