Frolic Frock Fix

A wise woman once told me, if you hear something once you should listen, but when you hear it twice its Gods way of speaking to you. I truly believe this. So yesterday at frolic, I had four people to come in and ask for Moto leggings. I only had one color, but ladies I have carried Moto leggings now for four years. Two of the years, they ended up on clearance. Why all of a sudden does everyone want these leggings? Well, it is because everyone now has them. So I am quite  the opposite. Frolic is the opposite. I like to wear things that not everyone has And everyone doesn't carry.  I've always been this way. I have no idea what other stores have. I just do my own thing and have now for 8 years.  I believe that trends are easy to follow, but style is a totally different thing.  If you want style with touches of trends, then frolic needs to be on ur to do list.  I am simply going to toot my horn here and recognize that I've got style and I can help you have it too!
So after my slow day at the store, I realized that the best sales of my day came from my Instagram out of town customers. I called my friend to vent. She says, you need to start shipping people like me an outfit a week or every other week. We just know you will pick us something we can't live without. I liked the idea, and decided to research it.
Then this morning I was sharing the same story with my friend Ashley after I taught Body Attack. She says. I see stuff on your Instagram I love, but I hate to shop. You should start shipping me outfits even though I live just across town. She said, everyone knows that you can trust your opinion. You will always tell someone if it's good on them or not. True story... Years ago my friend Tiffany was checking out
At wal Mart. The girl complimented her shirt. She said I got it at frolic. The girl says, "oh I love to go there, that girl will give you her honest opinion." And I will.
So I have decided to do more than think about doing this. I have decided to do it simply because I heard it twice from two women I respect very much. ' If you are interested in amping up your wardrobe, if you don't like to shop, if you love frolic, if you want style, then please let me know if this sounds like soMething that interests you. Email me at And I will get you details.  Its as if you will have your very own personal shopper/stylist. I will talk to you and get a feel for what you are looking for then it will be like Christmas each week or as often as u choose when you go to the mail to find your latest and greatest frolic frocks. Talk about a fix, this is it!! 
We all need to step out of the box from time to time, but we still need good basic classic pieces. I can and will help you step up and into style. I appreciate a good trend, but I promise you will not see yourself ten times over if you come to me! There are websites that do this, and I feel pretty sure that I can too!!!! 

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