Flying High

11 years later I am still single, and today I can honestly say I am flying high. That has not always been the case. There have been the days through this single mom stuff I have literally struggled to put one foot in front of the other, but guess what? I did it. I just took one step at a time, one day at a time. I can truthfully say one of the greatest things I have learned is to not let my circumstances rule my life. The days I allowed that to happen were dark and dreary.
Friends, I have simply had many circumstances I didn't like one bit, but I had to just accept they were part of life. I had to recognize that every circumstance I have found myself in generally was due to a choice I made.
Some circumstances simply just suck. Divorce bites. Single motherhood is hard. Broken hearts are gut wrenching. Being lonely is not fun. Paying all the bills myself is stressful. But guess what? This is life. Its life on life's terms, and it's my life. I have spent too much wasted time looking at other people wishing I had it as "easy" as they do. Yes I've taken the jealous route, and wondered what my life would be like if I had a hot husband like happy Helen who payed half the bills? Or what if I got to be a stay at home mom like Sally Sue and ran around all day in my workout pants?? Well first of all, happy Helen's husband may be cheating on her or verbally abusive. And as for Sally Sue, maybe she is stuck with a jerk becAuse she isn't financially set to care for herself. And on a side note, I would go change into something cute after exercise class. Although I can rock the spandex, I am not a fan of workout clothes for anything other than sweating it out at the gym. My point here is, no ones life is perfect, and not all things are as they appear. There are many Helen's and Sally Sues who are 100% happy in their lives. I know this because I know some of them, but there are far more people who are unhappy and hiding it the best they can. So today, I don't compare my life with anyone because I simply have no clue what struggles they may be walking. Unless they are one of those people who put all their drama and chaos on Facebook. Those are the people I simply unfollow. I seriously have enough in my own life that I really don't want to read about others chaos and attempts to be pitied.
I have come to the conclusion that I would not trade my life with anyone else. I believe that God has even more in store for me and my beautiful kids. I believe that every circumstance I have been in has made me the person I am today. Those circumstances have given me wings. Those circumstances have shown my kids how to go when the going gets tough. Those circumstances have given me so many gifts of God's true grace. Those circumstances have afforded me the opportunity to know what it means to truly love another person so much that you can let them go and only want the best for them. Those circumstances have taught me to have faith. Those circumstances have shown me time and time again that when I can't, God can and he WILL if I just let him. Those circumstances have shown me the power of changing the things I can which include one person and that is myself. Those circumstances show me day in and day out that His will beats mine. Those circumstances have taught me patience, and forced me to trust God above. Those very circumstances have shown me how to love and accept myself. Those circumstances have given me a peace of mind that surpasses all understanding.
So trust me here, I know how hard
It is to wait on Gods will. I know that some circumstances simply knock the breath out of you. I know how hard it is to want something so bad and not get it. I know what it feels like to have your heart broken into tiny pieces, but I also know how much stronger it becomes when you put it back together. I know how hard it is to not know. My life has made me strong. I feel like I can handle any disappointment that comes my way so I tend to want God to just hurry up and give me the blow since I don't handle waiting well. I basically just want to know and know Now. But I do know one thing well, and that is that Gods plan is always better than mine. If I made a list right now and said to God, "here is what I want". Let's say he decided to just give it to me. Well
Guess what? I would have just cheated Myself out of the best of the best from the best. So today I challenge you to embrace your circumstances as crappy as they are. God is working on you. He's preparing you for grand things. Join me in the wait and be sure to not miss all the wonder that goes on around you daily. Notice the small miracles and before you know it, you will be living the life you never imagined could or would be yours. It's going to be that fabulous. So fly high my friends. Fly high!!


  • Susan

    Loved this message!!! I need to stop wearing workout clothes all day! ?

  • Tiffany Roberts

    Christy, you are an inspiration!

  • JIll Hughes Oliver

    I love your posts, Christy. As a single mom for the past nine years, I can relate. Keep’em coming!

  • Martha Sharpe Sherrell

    Thank You Christy! I really needed this in my own life! I pray for you and your family!

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