Fishing for Musky

I recently met someone who fishes for Musky, and I had never heard of this rare beautiful fish found in creeks in certain areas. When I saw the pictures of him and his buddy holding up the large unique prize I could easily understand why one might fish all day hoping just to snag one. I asked him if they ever kept them or ate them. The answer was oh no. We take a picture then throw them back. He even went as far as to say they cringe when they see people keep them. 


I have often  heard people compare  dating to fishing and this whole Musky sport is dating in a nutshell. You see we as women are the musky! We are all beautiful and rare in our own ways. Men are going to fish For us. Its what they do! In today’s world they can fish at the right swipe of a finger!! Some catches are better than others. Some of us never even take that first nibble aka match. Then there r the ones of us who take hold of the bait or better known as the texting or calling phase. But, before we are reeled in ( the actual date)  someone let’s go! There are way too many people out there at that point! I like to call them the pen pal people! The ones who seem to just want someone to text with or in today’s  world exchange pictures with! I let go of these kind of men immediately. Why? Because I am a musky, and if he can’t recognize that and reel me in then I’m sure not wasting my Time under water hooked to a man who can’t even catch me! 

So next comes the best part so far! Ladies you finally found a man who can reel you in, a man you feel is worthy of a date,  hangout on his boat, or maybe coffee! U have been reeled in! To his astonishment, you are a Musky. You pictures weren’t fake or filtered and he’s relieved to see you aren’t some robot or nutcase. You show up in your rocking leather leggings and he even notices that you have style. He is even cuter in person and not many men rock a graphic tee and a cuff like he can. Immediately you recognize he’s one of the good ones. He’s easy to talk to and the conversation is enticing! The evening Turns out to be a perfect, and you both appear to thoroughly enjoy the others company. Now ladies what happens next is the sole purpose of this blog and its what I want you to take to heart! The next day you don’t hear from him nor the next. You start to ask yourself what is wrong with me? Did he not like me? You have been reeled in, marveled at, then thrown back just like the rare Musky! Now my friend who fishes for this rare species adores that fish! He enjoys every aspect of the trip just like your date enjoyed everything about hooking you and meeting you, but he always throws the fish back. Only on rare occasion will he keep one to mount on his wall. Every musky to him is beautiful just like you were. Ladies some men simply fish for fun! They fish because they are lonely! Some men are pure pigs and only fish to get laid. Other men fish because they want to find that one special one to mount aka form a relationship with and marry. So the next time you get reeled in and thrown back, please don’t beat yourself up! Don’t wonder what is wrong with you! Don’t ask yourself if you talked too much or didn’t talk enough! Don’t wonder if you weren’t pretty or funny enough. Tell yourself that you are the Musky and if he didn’t like you he wouldn’t have reeled you in, but don’t doubt for one second that he threw you back because of Anything you did! He simply isn’t ready to put you on the wall, and he knows you are rare and he wants to throw you back out there because good guys don’t keep girls hooked if it isn’t going anywhere! Good guys fish and appreciate the musky enough to throw them back until they are ready to keep one. Good guys are honest with their intentions. They do not string you along.  So sweet girl, keep swimming. Keep nibbling and let some of them reel you in and I promise that eventually you will find the one who sees you for the biggest most beautiful amazing musky he is yet to have seen and he is going to hold on to you and never let you go! Hang in, hold on, and have as much fun as possible. They say there are a lot of fish in the sea but the musky is rare and you my dear are a Musky! Don’t ever doubt that!!  

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