Feeling Your Fate.

So a good friend of mine has said to me at least 100 times..."get out of your head." Then she would say to me "how does it feel?" Now for someone like myself who "thinks" and "overthinks" everything this didn't sit well with me at first. After all, I feel like I have a pretty sharp mind, but I began to realize that it was my thinking that got me in every bad situation I had ever been
In. I "thought" he was the right guy. I "thought" it was meant to be. I "thought" it was the right decision. I "thought" I should try to change him. So when I began to "feel" I realized my thinking changed. Growing up in a small minded small town everyone seems to Be worried about what everyone else will think. So from a young age, I believe I worried more about my image than my Feelings. I can't tell you how many people I know that stayed in relationships, myself included because they thought.. What will they think if I divorce? What will they think if I break up with a nice guy? Then there's the ones we stayed with because we tricked our minds into thinking.. Things will change or even better.. We told ourselves they loved us or maybe even we "thought" it was meant to be and we loved them. Friends..love isnt a thought. Love is a feeling, and if its right, doubt doesn't exist!! And love  feels good!!! You don't question love. You just love! Now close your eyes and picture your child or if you are a dog or cat person picture your pet, or your closest family member. How do you feel about them? I bet you feel love. It is that simple. We just think ourselves into complicated. Our feelings do not lie to us. Our minds do!! I watched an old favorite movie last night.. Serendipity. It was all
about fate. As I have said a thousand times, I don't believe in coincidences. I also have no doubt that fate exists and ultimately it's going to happen. Yet, I believe there have been many times like in this movie I have felt my fate, but my thinking kept me from it. My thinking talked me into "staying" where I was or who I was with, or my thinking made me ignore the obvious. So today I challenge you to just feel. As my friend still has to remind me from time to time... Get out of your head, and I have no doubt you will feel yourself right into your fate!! I leave you with this thought. As my Mom laid on her death bed, and I was struggling with a life altering decision. I asked her, "how will I know what to do without you here? " she grabbed my hand, and said because you will just know. I raised you to know. It wasn't until this very minute I realized exactly what she meant or how she even knew I would know. It's because she knew me, she knew my heart, but better yet she knew the example she had set that was in me. She didn't give up, she didn't stay, she didn't do anything in her life based on what she thought or what others thought. Everything she did, she did from her heart, from her soul. If it felt right, she did it!! For we don't learn by what people tell us, we learn by example. Yes it matters somewhat what people think of us, but Remember this. The wrong choices will never feel right. You will just fool yourself into thinking so!

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