Enough is Enough

So ladies if you have ever asked yourself the question, why am I not enough, then you most likely will want to hear my ramblings on this subject. Have you ever found yourself trying to convince someone just how great you are? Have you ever read one of those pieces floating Facebook on how to make him fall for you? Well guess what? There is really no way possible to force someone to fall for you, and if you beg to differ then let me know how it's going in a couple years.
As I have written about numerous times, I have adorable girls come into my little boutique all the time who continue to hang on to relationships that are zapping the life out of them. Trust me, I've Been there more than once. I can remember thinking , man I have put up with all his crap so there is no way I'm going to let him go now because when he does get it together, I sure don't want some other girl reaping the benefits. Seriously? I really thought this way before I learned to think a different way or better yet act and react in different ways. Once I got that concept, I actually learned how to set boundaries. Imagine that! It is magical.
I can remember crying to my friends that I just couldn't understand why I was never enough. Well ladies or gentlemen, that very statement was the biggest problem I had!! It had nothing at all to do with them or me not being enough for that particular relationship. My problem was the simple fact that I could even think that way. It was deeper than a thought. I really believed it. I like to refer to it as double minded. My mind was lying to my heart, and I was letting my heart believe these ridiculous assumptions. So luckily, I became aware that this was the problem. There is no way possible I can ever be Enough for anyone until I become enough for myself and I had to believe it! Enough Is enough. Nor can I read some fantasy Facebook article that magically gives me the tips to make someone fall in love with me. Before anyone is ever going to fall in what I call "real love " with me, I have to be in "real love" with myself. As simple as all
That sounds, it's not always easy. So you may wonder what is "real love" ? To me "real love" is all about acceptance. It's accepting myself exactly as I am. It's being comfortable in my own skin. It's knowing I'm not perfect, but that I am exactly where I am suppose to be wherever that is be it a day with a negative bank account, a flourishing business, or a love gone bad or good. Really loving myself comes from within, and for me it happens when I have faith in God above. I have to believe in my heart and soul he is in charge of my life. I have to believe that he wants far more for me than I can ever dream for myself. In the days I didn't think I was enough it was really just my fear. I was scared to be alone and scared to just trust and have faith. I was under the illusion I had control over the outcome of my relationships. Today, I know that Falls into Crazy thinking.
I believe if God blesses it, he will grow it. It really has nothing to do with me. My only responsibility is to love Him, love myself, and know my worth. A woman who knows her worth is unstoppable. She won't hang on too long, nor will she give up too soon out of fear. A woman who knows her worth has faith in a power far greater than herself and that power will continually do things for her she couldn't do herself. That power will always remind her she is more than enough. That power isn't going to give her some perfect person, but he has a person picked out that is Perfect for her. That woman just needs to he patient because God is working magic on both of them. For "real love " isn't one sided. So the next time, you are reading ur friends Facebook status professing their love to their significant other on Facebook and u start to feel sorry for yourself, STOP! First of all, not everything you read on Facebook depicts reality. My thoughts there are wouldn't it be more fun to go get a Room or tell them in bed That night? Second of all, your time is coming! And guess what? You won't have to post about it because he is going to be sitting next to you and you can actually just profess your status to him In person. It will be way better! Being single can suck. Trust me I've been single for most of the past 11 years, and I get it. But, I also know that it sucks way worse to be with the wrong Person. Become what you hope to find, embrace who you are, love yourself , know your worth, and just hold on. God is getting you and that "real love" he has for you ready and in his timing he will bless it, grow it, then make it the love you have waited on all your life!!

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