Don't Know What You've Got til Its Gone

Have you ever heard someone say, "you don't know what you've got til it's gone? " I can even top that one. I once had a guy tell me that as soon as a girl didn't want him in her life anymore thats when he would want her back in his. Hello people. Please tell me that you see how whack this is! First of all, if someone can't appreciate you when you are in their life then what in the world would make them want you once you are gone? Well, I will give you my two cents worth. If someone loves me for the person I am, if they love me because they simply enjoy my wit and humor, they have fun being with me, we have chemistry, and we appreciate each other then I believe they care about me for who I am. If they care about me this way, then they do what they need to do to make it work and we form some sort of a relationship and give it a go.
If someone decides they no longer want me in their life, if they choose to find another girl, or just go their own merry way and end things with me then it is because I am not their right fit or maybe we just Are not compatible. I get it. I may have felt the same or I might have even been the one to end it. Not everyone I date is going to be right for me nor will I always be right for them. Im a big girl and I've got this. After all, we aren't dating to find the perfect person. We are hoping to find someone perfect for us. Now if this relationship ends and I move on and this guy comes running back, I must evaluate his motives. Does he just want me back because he misses what I did for him? Example, maybe I listened to him or I supported him. Maybe I was good for his ego. Maybe he is just lonely since that other girl he left me for ended up being slightly crazy. Does he want me back because I no longer want him? This isn't rocket science. If a guy likes you, guess what? He wants to be with you. He doesn't keep you hanging on in case he can't find any better. If a guy really likes you, he commits to you. Plain and simple. Now I get the cold feet thing. Maybe one of you is scared of commitment. MAybe you have other things you need to focus on. Maybe the Timing isn't quite right. There are times like this when people need to work on themselves and I get that all
Too well. So my point here is don't waste people's time. Don't keep people hanging on to hope and please don't go running back to someone because your ego can't stand them not wanting you. I like to call ego (edging God out). I know my ego gets in my way all the time. Be upfront and honest with the person. Act like a healthy adult. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Get in or get out guys! If you found a good woman who loves you and you love her then do me a favor , cherish her and treat her how she deserves. If she isn't "the one," let her go. Give her the freedom to move on with her life because a great girl Like that deseves to meet a guy who can and will actually love her. And girls, we are not off the hook. If we continually let a man
Come in and out of our lives then guess what? Nothing changes if nothing changes. Newsflash. If he likes us he will want to be with us any way he can!!

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