Don't Cry BecAuse It's Over....

As I was posting about the gym I love closing, I recalled one of my favorite quotes from Dr.Seuss. "Don't cry because it's over, smile becAuse it happened." I actually quoted this at my Mom's funeral. Of course I cried, but ultimately I chose gratitude. I chose to be grateful for the time I got with her rather than focusing on what I lost.
A friend near and dear to my heart just asked me, how I always seemed so optimistic. I thought about it and realized it really isn't me that's optimistic. It's actually God being optimistic through me. A lot of stuff is always going to happen. You may loose someone special, a marriage may end, the plans with the love of your life may not turn out as you hoped, your child may take a wrong path, the bills may be overdue meanwhile the car breaks down, you might loose your job or you may fall sick. It could be a number of things. Now when the stuff hits the fan, I am sure not going to be jumping up and down with excitement, but guess who is right there with me? Guess who is reminding me He has a plan? Guess who is there to give me peace? Guess who is there for me to cling to? You guessed it God. So in those times when the ship seems to be sinking fast, I am grateful that he is there, and I am optimistic because without a doubt I know that he wants more for me and the ones I love than I can even imagine. So my optimism comes in the faith I have in him. I can choose fear or I can choose faith. I don't have to like bad things, but I do have to accept them. I can honestly say that acceptance is the key to all
My problems today. If I accept it, then I can grieve it and let God help me move on to the smiling part. I don't know if any of you are like me, but I like to hold Onto the things I love, and sometimes I hold on too tight. Just recently I have realized just how blessed I am for every person who has come in and out of my life. Some I am glad to see go. Others I miss dearly, but I choose to smile because they happened to me. Sometimes we get so caught up in what we are loosing that we fail to see all that we have gained. I have zero doubt that when people are meant to be In your life, one way or another they will be. Just because it isn't the way I intended doesn't mean I should be blind to see the true gift that a person has been to me. To say I won't cry is crazy talk. I am a cryer, but I am much more of a smiler. So I am with this wise guy they call Dr. Seuss. "Don't cry, because it's over, smile because it happened." And oh how the smiles outnumber the tears when I just let them.

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