Don’t loose yourself list!!

I have this amazingly beautiful friend of mine whom I sat down with yesterday! After a short conversation, I asked her to make a list of them things she would Like To do for herself! She was flabbergasted and stunned that she could not come up with one thing. She has two kids and a husband she Adores! One of her children is handicapped so she has to do a lot of extra things some of us take for granted not having to do. IF anyone needs to take a little time each day for themselves, its her! Its all of us!! So today I am challenging you to make a list of ten things you would like to do for yourself. Then  start doing them! Its easy to loose ourselves in this thing called life when we are weighted down with kids, jobs, etc, but  it’s called life because we are suppose to be living it to the fullest! I’d love to see your lists and hear how much fun it is when you start checking things off!!! Comment below or email them to me at 

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