Mr. Right Then and There


I don’t think there is anyone I know who doesn’t have dreams and aspirations. I believe all of us have hope that one day we will have this, that or the other. I’ve never understood why some people get their happily ever after or their dreams to come true quickly while there are others who have to patiently or not so patiently Wait. One of my friends often says don’t give up five minutes before the miracle. I believe we are all due those miracles, and I have been blessed to watch people get their miracles. I have also experienced some of my own. I had all but given up on ever meeting anyone. I decided to get off the buzzing app, and just accept that I was just meant to be alone  for now. It seemed as if there just wasn’t any men left with substance. There weren’t any men left that could intrigue or  wow me. It was as if all my work on myself had put me too far ahead of the game! My defined value system ruled out most all the “matches” I kept getting. I have this image in my head of the right person. Maybe it’s unrealistic. Maybe he doesn’t exist! Maybe I am too picky. Maybe I’m just too scared of having my heart broken again. Maybe I’m destined to be alone. Maybe it’s not in my cards to meet someone! As I was whining to my friend about being single and all my maybes,  she said maybe you   need to move or get back on the app. So I did it! I put my profile back out there. Immediately I have tons of matches. I’m pretty cute so it’s easy to get matches, but it’s not easy to like  them. Its even easier to be repulsed by them. I got a match with this guy holding his guitar with a smile and hat to die for. He was stylish and major hot. When he told me who  he was I thought he was a catfish. No way he can be for real! We messaged periodically then it became more frequent and obvious it was really him. His messages were flirty, cute, respectful and completely normal. It has been years since I watched someone’s Dots on my phone. I watched his! So we made plans to meet on his boat after he promised to treat me With the same respect he would expect a guy to show his daughter.  I was sooo nervous!! I don’t think I have ever had a date with someone that looked as much like my “dream guy” as he did. He had this charming sexy edgy style! He even wore a killer leather cuff, graphic tees, great  belts, and these super cool red adidas shoes.  I have rarely ever been nervous to meet anyone, but I managed to get nervous. He was just so hot but he was easy to talk to. The minute I saw him I almost died because he actually looked even better than his pictures. When he grabbed my hand to help me onboard his boat, I think my  heart skipped not one but two beats. From the moment, our “hangout” began, I felt so comfortable. We talked for hours. This was and  is still different than any match I’ve ever or probably will ever get. I believe he is the angel God knew would keep me in the game! On that very night I met someone who is now part of my team! I met someone I could say just  about anything to! I met someone who restores my faith in men Daily. I met someone who shared his story with me and I was marveled. Since that night my outlook and my life has been  completely different. I have no definition or idea what is, has or will happen between us! All I know is since that night, Both our lives are changing for the better. I believe that God wants to make sure we don’t give up on those dreams or aspirations we have. He wanTs to keep us in the game anyway he can. This “match” needed me just as much as I needed him. Sometimes we just need someone on our team, someone to confirm our beliefs, someone to cheer us on or wow us. Sometimes we just need someone to smack us back on the path we are meant to be on. Sometimes we need someone to remind us to purge on, someone to challenge us and just give us an encouraging jolt. Its so easy to give up! Its so easy to stop taking risks and stop putting yourself out there. Its ok to take a break but don’t stand still too long because great things could be right around the corner. Keep dreaming! Keep aspiring! Keep hoping! Keep wishing! Keep working towards your goal. Keep moving Toward the light. This perfect “match” doesn’t appear to be the “Me Right I hope to find but he was the  Mr. Right then and there  that I needed. I’m forever grateful for him, that night and This past month we have cheered each other on. I don’t believe that people are put in our lives by chance. People are put in our  lives for a reason.  Some come, some go, and some stay! So welcome them when they arrive , enjoy them while they are there, let them go if they leave and be smart enough to hang on tight to the ones who are meant to stay! They are all gifts to us in our journey. But Whatever happens just don’t give up 5 minutes before the miracle! I promise it’s coming!!! 

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