As I sat on our boat this afternoon fishing with my soon to be 14 year old daughter, I thought to myself how amazing she is. This past Saturday night, I felt the same way when my soon to be 16 year old son actually sat on the sofa to watch a movie with me. I catch myself questioning my parenting from time to time as I marvel at the people they are becoming. I wonder, have I scared them enough to say no to drugs? Have I prepared them for lifes inevitable heartbreaks and disappointments? Have I instilled a sense of humility in them to save them from arrogance or self centeredness? Have I taught them grace and gratitude for all they have and all that will come to them? Have I given them a strong enough sense of theirselves so they know their worth and what they want out of their own lives? Have I bore witness to them the power of a life with God in the lead? The answer to all these questions is staring me in the face loud and clear. I have truly done the very best I could. I made a promise to myself the day I was forced to leave their father that I would do my best to give them a good life. A good life is not about the things I bought them, or the trips I took them on, or the house we lived in. A good life is a life they can look back on and say they were loved and accepted as they were. A good life involves reality, and Showing them how to live a life on life’s terms which include taking the bad and always knowing that This too shall pass. There are lessons in the disappointments. There are nuggets in the triumphs, and everyone we meet is fighting some battle whether we know it or not. So cut them some slack and try not to be so judgemental.
I was talking to a friend today about my apprehensions in this dating thing I am trying and she said something so simple to me, yet so profound. She said Christy, you simply cant mess up God’s will. You are not that powerful. She said all I have to do is just keep going toward my destiny by just continuing to be the best person I can be. God has it all mapped out for you, she reminds me. I know this, but sometimes on the way there we all just need to be nudged back on track. So it hit me on that beautiful river today, This is all I want for my kids. I want them to fulfill their own destinies. The destiny God has for them. Isn’t this what we all want for our kids? Isn’t that what we want for ourselves? Now this destiny journey is different for all of us. I do know that I am more than capable of making the journey to destiny longer by trying to force my will or want it my way. Today I have chosen to simply give up my ideas of how things should be and simply give it to God. My only part is to just keep being me with my occasional mess and at times my fairly wise messages. None of us are perfect. We all have little quirks and idiosyncrasies. Some of us are masters at housework and cooking. While others of us can sure grill a mean steak or pick out a killer restaurant after hiring a maid. My point is I am just going to do me, and in turn it will show these amazing kiddos I am raising how to do them. I have zero doubt they are on the road to their destinies! I believe that my
Mistakes will actually help them get there  a little faster or at least I sure as heck hope so. So today, I say you to just enjoy being you! After all, we are all beautifully and wonderfully made, and I say to you today, if you are doubtful that you have a great destiny and you are not in a state to believe it, then do me a favor and just believe that I believe you and your crazy awesome kids have a destiny far greater than you can dare to dream. Just keep being the best you, YOU can be and Let go and Let God!!! The rest of the story will remain in His hands.

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  • Brocknie Bray

    Hands down the most loved blog I’ve read from you! Questions from my own mind and resolutions therein. Mothering is (without question) the most challenging and difficult responsibility I’ve ever faced. However, THE UTMOST REWARDING AND FULLFILLING GROWTH EXPERIENCE IN Life! Gods grace be with us all and his guidance leadingong is as we leave our footprint on earth in our children.

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